Duke of Edinburgh's Award


Learning to navigate successfully is on of the core skill in an D of E expedition.

On this page you can find some useful tips for navigating with a compass along with information about how to use time when thinking about the distance you can cover.

Then we have a selection of really useful videos for you to watch, they can help introduce you to the skills you’ll need to learn. 

Orienting the Map Using the Compass

  • Keep it simple! Just use the compass needle – ignore all the other features of the compass until you are more confident (see below)

  • Place the compass on the map

  • Rotate the map and compass until the red North needle points ‘up’ on the map

  • Now relate the map to the ground – what can you see?



  • Use your watch when you’re navigating to time the legs

  • With a pack on your back, you’ll probably walk at 4km per hour

  • This is a pace of 15 minutes per km

  • To calculate the time for a leg of your journey:

    1. Find the distance of the leg in km

    2. Multiply by 15

      • 2km 2 x 15 = 30 min

      • 3km 3 x 15 = 45 min

      • 1.4km 1.4 x 15 = 21 min

      • 400m 0.4 x 15 = 6 min

  • Remember to adjust for the pace of the slowest member in your group


Navigation Videos

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