Here at Rossall, we offer an extensive school bus service that covers the Fylde Coast and beyond. Students are able to be picked up close to their home in the mornings and dropped off in the evenings after activities.

Our school bus routes are listed below, however, if there is not a stop close by to your house and you are interested in your child using the school bus service, please contact us at: [email protected] and we will advise the closest stop on the route that will be suitable for your child.

Spaces on the bus are limited, to manage this we offer weekly full-day or half-day (morning or afternoon) passes. If you only require the bus infrequently, or as a one-off, we can only accommodate this if there is availability on that route.



All timings/stops are indicative and subject to change. Prices are per term.

2023 – 2024

RED LINE – Lytham



Full pass

AM/PM Pass

Lytham Assembly Rooms (Lytham)07:1518:36£418.00£251.00
Clifton Drive / Eden Avenue07:1918:34£418.00£251.00
Clifton Drive / Stanley Road07:2118:33£418.00£251.00
Clifton Drive / Fairhaven Pub Bus Stop07:2518:31£418.00£251.00
Clifton Drive / Eddington Avenue07:2718:28£389.00£234.00
Clifton Drive / Denford Avenue07:3018:26£382.00£229.00
St Annes (St Anne’s Library)07:3518:23£353.00£212.00
Clifton Drive / Starr Gate bus stop / layby)07:4018:18£281.00£168.00
Blackpool (bus stop opposite Revolution night club) – mornings only07:46  £168.00
Whitegate Drive (Bellview Pub bus stop) – evenings only 18:10 £168.00
Blackpool (The Cliffs Hotel Bus Stop)07:5017:55£281.00£168.00
Queens Prom stop opposite St Stephen’s Ave07:5217:54£281.00£168.00
Queens Promenade / Sandhurst Avenue07:5517:50£281.00£168.00
Rossall School08:1017:40  


ORANGE LINE – Staining / PoultonAMPMFull passAM/PM Pass
Whitegate Drive / Bryan Road07:2018:20£353.00£212.00
Staining (Staining Road / Eddleston Close)07:3018:25£353.00£212.00
Seniors Chippy Newton Drive07:3518:15£353.00£212.00
Poulton (Hardhorn Road /Longhouse Lane)07:4018:10£353.00£212.00
Poulton Library (layby opposite Booths)07:4518:05£353.00£212.00
Carleton (Scouts Hut)07:5018:02£353.00£212.00
Arundel Drive Bus Stop Fleetwood Road07:5218:00£353.00£212.00
Little Thornton Theatre carpark08:0017:55£281.00£168.00
Thornton (Tescos)08:0517:50£281.00£168.00
Rossall School08:1017:40  


GREY LINE – PrestonAMPMFull passAM/PM Pass
Preston (Bus station)06:4019:15£490.00£294.00
Freckleton (Lower Lane / Kirkham Prison)07:0018:40£490.00£294.00
Wrea Green (Station Road The Grapes Hotel)07:1018:35£418.00£251.00
Kirkham (Opp Buraq Restaurant)07:2018:30£418.00£251.00
Kirkham (Morrisons car park)07:2518:25£418.00£251.00
Lane Ends – Wesham07:3018:17£418.00£251.00
Weeton Road (end of farm road)07:4518:05£418.00£251.00
Singleton (Fire Station)07:5018:00£353.00£211.00
Rossall School08:1517:40  


GREEN LINE – ScortonAMPMFull passAM/PM Pass
Scorton (The Square)06:5518:35£461.00£276.00
Garstang (The Bellflower)07:0018:30£461.00£276.00
Churchtown (The Horns Inn)07:1018:25£418.00£251.00
St Michaels on the Wyre (Village Hall)07:1518:20£418.00£251.00
Great Eccleston (The Square)07:2018:15£418.00£251.00
Little Eccleston (The Cartford Inn)07:2518:05£418.00£251.00
Rossall School08:1017:40  


BLUE LINE – Esprick, Elswick and Thornton-CleveleysAMPMFull passAM/PM Pass
Esprick – Shell Garage M55 (new)07:1018:20£418.00£251.00
Thistleton (Swallows Rest)07:1518:15£396.00£238.00
Elswick Village (The Ship Inn)07:2018:10£396.00£238.00
Singleton – Shell Garage07:5018:05£281.00£168.00
Hultons Folley (bus stop island Skippool Rd/Tarn Rd)08:0018:00£281.00£168.00
Cleveleys (bus stop opposite Sainsbury)08:1017:50£264.00£144.00
Cleveleys bus stop Thornton Gate/Beach Rd08:1217:45£264.00£144.00
Rossall School08:1517:40  


PINK LINE – PillingAMPMFull passAM/PM Pass
Pilling (Stakepool Post Office /Premier Elletson Arms)07:0018:30£461.00£276.00
Stalmine Morrisons Daily opposite Seven Stars Pub07:2018:10£418.00£251.00
Hambleton Shovels Inn Pub (Green Meadow Lane)07:3018:00£418.00£251.00
Shard Bridge Layby / A58507:4017:50£281.00£168.00
Rossall School08:1517:40