Rossall Rose Society


The Rossall Rose Society exists to encourage the Rossallian community to remain connected and participatory with Rossall for a lifetime.

The Society responds to and builds upon the extraordinary goodwill and energy that exists within our community. 

It recognises the desire of Rossallian families to become active members of a community that extends beyond school life. 

It is reflective of our desire to nurture relationships with Rossallians in such a way that they endure for a lifetime. 

Furthermore, we want to ensure that those connected with Rossall feel that sense of belonging that is treasured by so many of us.


Rossall is a global community and endeavours to maintain contact beyond school life with:

  • Pupils past and present
  • Families past and present
  • Current and former members of staff and members of Council
  • Local charities and businesses

Our community extends across the Fylde and includes local businesses, charitable organisations and partners. It is also a global community in every regard with alumni and family members across the globe.


Through social events, coffee mornings, lunches, sport, major school events, we aim to create new:  

  • Opportunities to welcome families into the community 
  • Friendship within the Rossall community
  • Networks and connections within the community

The Rossall Rose Society will provide plenty of opportunities for Rossallians to socialise here at School. It will organise events for parents and play an important role in terms of welcoming new families into our community. 
Balls, lunches, coffee mornings, trips to sporting fixtures, carol services and much more besides provides an opportunity to enjoy existing friendships and make new connections. 


By working towards specific projects to enrich the lives of young people Recent social events have donated-

  • CHRISTMAS MARKET: £1200 to Donna’s Dream House & £100 to Homestart
  • MIDSUMMER GALA & AUCTION: £4000 to Brian House Hospice                    
  • RACE NIGHT: £8000 to Boathouse Youth

The charitable aspect of the Rossall Rose Society will be dedicated towards helping the School bring to fruition specific projects that serve to enrich the lives of our children. The Rossall Rose Society will raise funds to support long standing friends on the Fylde Coast and increase the positive impact of the School across the region.


The Society will seek to build strong relationships within both the commercial and charitable sector to ensure that Rossall enhances the lives of as many people as possible on the Fylde Coast. 


  • All people associated with Rossall and desire to remain active members of the community.
  • Past pupils
  • Current, past and future parents
  • Former and current members of staff
  • Members of Rossall Council

Floreat Rossallia!

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To contact Rossall Rose Society please email: 

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