A Rossall education is designed to ensure our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills, attributes and values that will enable them to positively meet the challenges of an increasingly complex, competitive and dynamic world.

Our curriculum navigates a balance between allowing students the intellectual freedom to explore a broad array of subject areas, such that they can ignite and follow their individual passions and interests, with the traditional recognition of the importance of the mastery of core subjects.

Each academic subject has curated a progressive learning journey that promotes intellectual curiosity, embeds fundamental skills and knowledge and enriches students’ creative and critical capacities. Collectively these promote an active scholarly community, within and beyond the classroom, that is motivated to enable every student at Rossall to achieve their personal potential.

Our curriculum is delivered through our Teaching and Learning ‘Core’. A series of common practices that are consistently, routinely performed to facilitate a ‘Rossall Experience’ every lesson, every day. These research and evidence-informed practices are enriched and enhanced by our expert staff to ensure an engaging, active and challenging academic atmosphere within our classrooms.

Key Stage 3 – Years 7, 8, & 9

Key Stage 4 – Years 10 & 11

Key Stage 5 – Years 12 & 13