The RosShop supplies a wide range of branded:

  • Stationery
  • Giftware
  • Old Rossallian memorabilia
  • Leisurewear

We also have a selection of snacks and toiletries. The shop does not stock new Rossall School uniform. This can be purchased via

Preloved Uniform

The RosShop is offering a “New to you” service for Rossall School Uniform. Pre-owned uniform is now available to purchase in the RosShop for a reduced fee with limited stock available in selected sizes.

The RosShop will also purchase selected pre-owned items for 25% of the original value*. This is only applicable to clothing with the School logo, the girls’ kilts and pinafores and excludes items such as shirts, trousers and socks. Payments made to you for clothing will be deducted from your school invoice; the shop is also happy to accept donations of school clothing.

*It is to the discretion of the RosShop management to decide if a garment is suitable for re-sale.

For further details please contact the RosShop at: [email protected]

Contact Us

Retail Manager Lynda McAngus
Phone 01253 774252
Email [email protected]

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