House System

The House System is the heart of Rossall, it is central to school life in terms of:

  • community
  • identity
  • pastoral
  • academic support.

Pupils are allocated to one of the three junior houses or seven senior houses.

Inter-house competitions and friendly inter-house rivalry are all an integral part of the system!

Our house system is a way for students to find their place within the school by making connections across year groups and facing the yearly challenges of school life surrounded by supportive peers.

Houses at Rossall

Dolphin (est 1980)

Senior Boarding House for girls aged 13-18 


Dolphin is a very caring house and we always strive to make all our Dolphinas feel very much at home. Our House Motto is, ‘She who has hope has everything’ and we encourage our girls to be positive in all their endeavours.

We provide an environment in which girls are encouraged to become happy individuals with all the tools to be comfortable in the company of friends, colleagues and new acquaintances. We want all pupils who are part of Dolphin House to have high expectations for themselves, other pupils and the School.

Living in Dolphin House is enjoyable, there is time available each day to pursue all kinds of personal interests, such as playing sport, practising an instrument and taking up a new interest from the amazing range of activities on offer. In addition to all this, the members of staff in the House and the Tutors are there to help, guide and offer support at all times.

On Fridays evenings the Monitors organise entertainment such as a nail bar, a party, a movie night, games evenings, Wii Championships, Pizza nights and the legendary Ice Cream night. We also organise activities outside of the campus like trips to the Lake District for a weekend break and a visit to an Urban Spa where we enjoyed the facilities and treatments.

Dragon (est 2021)

Senior Boarding house for boys aged 13-18


Opening in 2021, Dragon has both revived an old house name and set the standard for modern boarding facilities at Rossall.

Dragon is a caring house which puts the well being of its boys at the heart of everything it does. Dragon boys are always involved in school life and enjoy everything that Rossall has to offer.

From inter-house competitions to the School’s sports teams there is not an area of activity at Rossall without a Dragon involved.

Maltese Cross (est 1876)

Senior Boarding House for boys aged 13-18 


Maltese Cross is a very active house and we ensure the boys involve themselves in the life of the school. By working and having fun together we build a sense of belonging that helps them feel safe, happy and valued. As a Houseparent this is my first focus, because once they have this sense then everything else opens up.

As a house Maltese Cross is always involved in any inter-House competitions, these are great fun and a real highlight for everyone involved. We also make sure to take time to enjoy ourselves with birthday celebrations and film nights together.

MC House is an environment in which boys can achieve their full academic and extra-curricular potential. Where each boy is encouraged to pursue their interests and fulfil their potential on all fronts whilst feeling empowered to try something new. 

Our underlying aim is to provide an environment from which boys leave feeling confident to face the challenges that lie ahead in their immediate and long-term future. To achieve these aims, the House runs on the principle that effort leads to results. Manners, kindness and respect are fundamental values of boarding and all of this is built upon a foundation of clear routines and structures.


Each boy that joins Maltese Cross, joins a House steeped in tradition and history. It is the third oldest house at Rossall, dating back to 1886, and takes its name from the 15th century Knights Hospitaller. The eight points of the cross are said to symbolize the eight points of courage; Loyalty, Piety, Generosity, Bravery, Glory, Honour, Helpfulness and Respect, qualities that befit a student of Maltese Cross. MC alumni include Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBE,DL (MC 74-79); the founder of Alton Towers John Broome (MC 55-61) and former president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (MC 53-56).

Mitre Fleur de Lys (est 1876)

Senior Boarding House for boys aged 13-18 


The House is a home from home for both boarders and day boys. The range of nationalities and cultures is enjoyed by all, particularly the opportunity to learn about and understand different lifestyles.

MF boys are encouraged to take their place in the life of the school. All boys in the House are supported to make the most of the opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Consequently, life is very busy and everyone supports each other. Every senior school activity, all sports, choir, band, school play, includes some MF boys. 

We want our boys to take an active interest in the world outside of the campus and so there are also regular House trips ranging from visiting theatres in Manchester, cultural trips to London and even paintballing.

The Michaelmas term features the House Singing competition and the MF MADD night (an evening of Music, Art, Drama and Dance). Every member of the House takes part and money is raised for a local charity. The Lent term has many House Competitions that are fiercely fought. In between completing coursework, boys can be found playing hockey on the beach, practising for the House Instrumental Competition, or competing in the House Arts Quiz. With the sunshine comes the Summer term and the boys take to the fields, either playing cricket or croquet.

Pelican (est 1888)

Senior Boarding House for boys aged 13-18


Pelican House was established in 1888 and has been a boys’ boarding house throughout its history. Situated on the far left hand side of the Square, Pelican House sits between Mitre Fleur de Lys House and Maltese Cross House.

There are 32 single bedrooms and the remainder are double rooms. Every bedroom has a bed, matching wardrobe, drawers and desk along with a network socket for a computer. There are central changing rooms and baths, showers and toilets and kitchenette are available on each floor. Some of the rooms are en suite.

The House has two Common Rooms with eleven sofas, SKY TV, two 40″ flat screen TVs with Freeview and DVD etc., and one games room containing a pool table, football table, lounge area, piano, lockers. There are also six dedicated Day Rooms for prep work.

Rose (est 1876)

Senior Boarding House for girls aged 13-18


“As the Houseparent of Rose I want each of our girls to feel that they are part of a family here at Rossall. Rose has an atmosphere of kindness and warmth and this supports everything we do. If there are challenges to face or joys to share we do it together.

In addition to supporting our girls with the academic side of life at Rossall we are also there to have fun together. We have Rose Night in Mondos, where we take over the school cafe, while in house we enjoy pizza nights or playing Just Dance in our upstairs dayroom. We also have assistance from a very special member of the team, always on hand, and cute as can be: our wonderful house dog, Stella the cocker spaniel.

As a Houseparent I emphasise the importance of kindness and recognising contributions to the school. Looking after each other and being involved in the wider life of the school are all part of being in Rose. I’m proud of my girls and love that we have so many different characters and nationalities with a huge variety of interests that all join together to be a friendly, caring community.”

Dr Jill Bradburn

Rose Houseparent and Teacher of Biology

Spread Eagle (est 1876)

Senior Boarding House for boys aged 13-18 


Spread Eagle House stands as the oldest house in the school, dating back to 1875. It is a traditional boarding house that still keeps many traditions both old and new.

Each Sunday at 7.00pm we all sing the Carmen before prep time starts and we still say “Adsum” at registration time, which in Latin means “I am present”. It has a very strong sense of history, proudly presented on the stairwells and in the TV room where house photos dating back to 1933 cover the walls.

Our annual Pöttinger Dinner embraces both loyalty and the selfless commitment from our very own students. Once you have been in Spread Eagle you will always be part of it, with our very own active alumni group with over a 170 past and present members.

The fundamentals of the boarding house begin with being organised and establishing a routine to get the very best out of each student. House spirit is always at its best in Spread Eagle; the students bond very quickly and support each other in all aspects of life.

Wren (est 1986)

Senior Boarding House for girls aged 13-18 


Wren House prides itself on its family atmosphere and encourages integration across age groups and nationalities. House activities include a residential weekend in the beautiful Lake District, movie nights, games nights, takeaway nights and the ever important house sport and music competitions. 

The girls enjoy the opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate Christmas at the “house jolly”, and really get into the spirit on the house decoration night! All girls are expected to be fully involved in the extensive range of activities on offer both in school and in the house.

Anchor (est 1876)

Junior Boarding House for boys and girls aged 11-14


As the Junior boarding house, Anchor is unique at Rossall, being the only house where boys and girls live together. 

We pride ourselves on being a home away from home with a family atmosphere. 

Anchor House is full of fun and laughter; whether we are baking in the kitchen, celebrating birthdays, playing on the school fields or out on one of our many house trips; we do everything together, with smiles on our faces. 

All of the house staff are committed to developing and supporting the students with their academic needs, ensuring that all of our children succeed and reach their full potential.

In Anchor House, you will meet students who vary in age, are from all around the world and speak many different languages. These factors will develop a range of diverse life skills that can help you succeed here at Rossall and in your future.

To fully appreciate what Anchor has to offer, please do visit us.


Academic House for the Preparatory School.

Our academic houses are assigned to Prep pupils to encourage a sense of belonging and as a way to organise friendly competition.

Sir Ralph Assheton, 1st Baronet, of Downham donated our famous telescope and was a member of the School Council.


Academic House for the Preparatory School.

Our academic houses are assigned to Prep pupils to encourage a sense of belonging and as a way to organise friendly competition.

Named after the prominent local family, the Cliftons who built the current Lytham Hall.


Academic House for the Preparatory School.

Our academic houses are assigned to Prep pupils to encourage a sense of belonging and as a way to organise friendly competition.

Named after Sir Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood who first leased the land to create Rossall School.