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Located at the heart of ‘England’s Golf Coast’ and with its own indoor Golf Centre and outdoor practice range, Rossall’s Golf Academy is dedicated to teaching young people the game from the ground up. 

Our Director of Golf, Stuart Hemmings, brings a deep understanding and passion for golf to his coaching. He is dedicated to working with young golfers because for him the journey of each student is important, from picking up a club for the first time, to training, then entering competitions and perhaps one day even competing at the highest level.

With this in mind we have a suite of rooms equipped with the latest training technology and close partnerships with players such as Jack Senior.

Golf has so much to offer, from the simple pleasures of being on a course with friends and the chance to relax in a beautiful environment to the patience and persistence it teaches students of the game. More than many other sports, golf opens doors and opportunities, it is a social entry point into a world of personal and business connections. 

Learning golf can be a way to see the world and travel, to engage with the latest developments in technology, and to gain a greater understanding of yourself. Learning to pay attention to details, to plan for courses and individual shots, engaging with the science of bio-mechanics and sports psychology, all these things are part of attending Rossall Golf Academy.

Whatever a child goes on to do after Rossall, be that a golf scholarship in the US, high level competition, working in the golf industry or enjoying the game socially, they will have developed a set of skills which will support them throughout their life.

Our Academy was ranked number 1 for Seniors and Juniors by the ISGA in 2022/2023, giving students the unique opportunity to play golf in tandem with receiving a top class education. There is simply no other location better situated to receive a traditional independent education whilst developing as a golfer.



Our Director of Golf, along with dedicated staff and external coaches, provide our students with a range of programmes that enable golfers of all ages and abilities to progress and improve their game. Our programmes work to develop their golfing interests and standards, in line with their personal ambitions and goals.

By tailoring our approach we have created a unique opportunity for students to learn and grow. Those with little or no experience get to sample, learn and play the game. While students with proven ability have the option to enrol onto a more comprehensive programme, one that will challenge them as athletes and develop them as people.

Rossall Golf Academy offers 4 Programmes:

  • Preparatory Programme
  • Foundation Programme
  • Development Programme
  • Performance Programme

Preparatory Programme

A tailored programme for players of all levels, exclusively designed alongside the Preparatory School curriculum.

Foundation Programme

Aimed at the student who is either a total beginner or relatively new to the sport, it is designed to teach the fundamentals of the game whilst enabling the student to sample and gain an insight into the Sport and the Golf Academy.

Development Programme

Designed for the student who wishes to develop their technical ability in tandem with a comprehensive training programme that offers students the opportunity to learn, play, practise and compete 7 days a week.

Performance Programme

This programme is designed for the student who wishes to take full advantage of everything that the Golf Academy at Rossall has to offer, from group training on and off the course to private coaching, weekend activities, trips and more. This advanced programme will assist, drive and monitor all areas of the student’s game.

To discuss the Golf Programme in further detail and how this is tailored to the student, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Golf, Mr Stuart Hemmings via:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone Number: 07882 306201



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