For students interested in the performing arts Rossall has so much to offer:

  • Musical Theatre Academy
  • International Piano Academy
  • An All-Steinway School
  • Performing Art Studio
  • LAMDA training
  • 4 stages on campus
  • Practice pianos in all boarding houses
  • Short Film Festival

Whatever your interest or level of experience there is way to learn and get involved.

Performing Art Studio

The Performing Arts Studio includes a professional standard theatre with acoustic lining and sprung floor which can be used for dance as well as drama. There is a control room, fitted with lighting and sound decks so that students can learn about the technical and stage management aspects of performance. There is also a Green Room and supplementary teaching spaces.


The LAMDA classes can cover Speaking Verse & Prose, Acting or Public Speaking/Presentation Skills. Lessons are 30 minutes and rotate every week (just like the music lessons).

Students can share lessons with a friend that is also looking to start on the same syllabus. Acting or Verse & Prose lessons involve learning monologues/duologues, poems and prose from memory, working on characterisation and projection skills.

For the Presentation Skills examination, a student prepares a presentation on a subject of their choice, the LAMDA teacher will then help them with their posture and projection which will ultimately provide them with essential life skills that they can apply to a variety of tasks such as job interviews and public speaking.

Examinations are taken when the students are ready. Should a student be unsure as to which syllabus they would favour, we can try different things in the first few weeks and the teacher can help them decide where their strengths may lie.

If the syllabus is followed through to Bronze Medal (Grade 6), LAMDA points are recognised with UCAS applications at university level.

LAMDA Examination Classes are recommended for students who:

  • Perform well academically
  • Need to improve self-presentation skills
  • Want to gain confidence when speaking in public.
  • Are keen actors
  • Want to polish their performance skills
  • Love drama but do not necessarily want to take GCSE or A level Drama.
  • Want to increase their chance of getting a good college or university place.

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Speech and Drama (LAMDA) Solo Class £230, 2 Person Class £125, 3 or More Class £80


An All-Steinway School

Building on our already rich musical heritage, Rossall School proudly joined the exclusive ranks of All-Steinway Schools in September 2021, with the delivery of twelve new Steinway & Sons grand and upright pianos. This exciting new chapter in the school’s musical history provides our students with access to the best possible pianos for practise, lessons and performances. The opportunity to study on world-class instruments is a hugely exciting prospect for pianists, one which will motivate and challenge them to reach their fullest potential. We believe that becoming an All-Steinway School is the natural step forward in firmly establishing Rossall School as one of the top destinations for 11 to 18-year-old pianists from around the world.

Rossall School is now home to:

  • One Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano, the gold standard in pianos that graces the most famous concert stages around the world
  • One Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano, often referred to by pianists as ‘the perfect piano’
  • Two Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Pianos, used for individual lessons and practice
  • Two Steinway designed Boston Grand Pianos
  • Six Steinway designed Boston Upright Pianos
  • Nine Steinway designed Essex Upright Pianos

International Piano Academy

Find out more about our International Piano Academy here.


Open Days

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