Graphic Communication

What is Graphic Communications?

Graphic Communication explores the commercial side of a students artwork and how these types of designs can be used in a digital and modern way. Graphics explores the different design processes using a variety of techniques, which mainly includes the use of Photoshop. Students are encouraged to choose a topic of their choice and design their own brand which includes producing logos, posters and packaging.

Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of graphic communication media, processes and techniques. This is an excellent course for students who would like to explore the digital world and create their own Graphics brand. Many of our students at Rossall have taken Graphic Communications as a subject at A Level, and have then chosen to continue studying Graphics at University.

Students are encouraged to produce work which is commercial and complies with current trends in a modern world of advertising and promotions. This can include designs in:

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Web pages
  • Adverts

What facilities do we have?

Graphic Communication students have full use of the Graphics suite in the Art Department with 11 brand new high speed computers, all with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. Students also have the option of using the Photography facilities, to incorporate their own photography into their designs and advertising.

Areas of study in Graphics?

Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of graphic communication, such as those listed below. They may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas:

  • Interactive media
  • Web
  • App
  • Game design
  • Advertising
  • Packaging design
  • Design for print
  • Illustration
  • Communication graphics
  • Branding
  • Multimedia
  • Motion graphics
  • Design for film & television.

If you wish to know more about Graphic Communication at Rossall please contact Miss Latham.

Year 13 Final Brands

Component 1
Sea Aquarium Brand
Component 1
Mexican Energy Drinks
Component 1
Book Cover Branding
Component 1
Coffee Branding
Component 1
Japanese Restaurant Branding
Component 1
Magazine Fashion Brand
Component 1
Farm Shop Branding
Component 1
Gin Branding
Component 1
Honey Branding
Graffiti & Typography Sketches

Year 12 Graphics

In Year 12 Graphics students are introduced to the basics of Photoshop. A variety of Photoshop skills and techniques are taught each lesson, with a specific focus of producing a final outcome each week. For example, students may learn how the ‘text and typography tools’ work and will then be set a final task of designing their own poster by the end of the week. This encourages our Year 12 students to gain a better understanding of how to meet a design brief and also helps students understand how to incorporate all of the skills and techniques learnt during the week.

​Year 12 students will involve themselves in small project tasks based on themes throughout the year. Students will create, design and construct their own Halloween bags, design their own Christmas cards and make experiment with branding on cups, packaging and bottles. Students will revisit their drawing and Photography skills and learn how to scan, manipulate and experiment with their artwork on Photoshop.

Personal Investigation Projects

Examples of Year 12 Portfolios

Personal Investigation

Juice Branding Portfolio

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