Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Equipment Loans

Rossall has an extensive store of tents, rucksacks, stoves and several other items that are available to be signed out for expeditions.

Please see below for a list of outstanding equipment loans.

Please return complete items to Mr Magowan in the CCF Office.


  • Whoever signed out the tent needs to return ALL parts together.
  • DO NOT try to clean them if they are muddy. If you rub at them or use any type of cleaning fluid, you will remove the waterproof coating. Just dry them thoroughly and any dirt will brush off.

  • Inner and outer – Hang them over a door or your banister overnight.

  • Pegs and poles – Leave out overnight to dry.

  • Return the complete tent in the tent bag provided with poles and pegs.


  • Pan – Clean and dry thoroughly

  • Stove – Leave it unpacked overnight to allow any condensation to evaporate


  • Please check all pockets are empty then all zips/clips securely fastened

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