The Bee Team

Last Thursday, the Bee Team was invited by the Layton Bee Project to visit their apiary. The pupils got to see lots of different things such as how honey is made, handling bee frames, seeing the different levels in a hive and so much more. Did you know that a beehive has more than one part to it? The brood box sits on the bottom of the hive and it is the soul of the hive, as it is where the eggs and young bees are raised. Also, it is used for the colony to store reserves of pollen and honey.

While the pupils were there, they handled frames full of bees and learned how to make honey. Thank you to all the volunteers of the LBP for being so welcoming.

The Bee Team are very keen to start Rossall’s own beehives and are planning on raising money to buy bee equipment. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Mrs Wallace ([email protected])