Rossall’s Rabbits

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.’
Anatole France, Poet, Journalist, and Novelist.

After months of preparation and anticipation, Rossall has welcomed the first of its animals to campus. It is wonderful to see them here, bringing Graeme’s Garden, named in honour of OR Graeme Marrs MBE, former president of the Old Rossallian Club, to life. 

The arrival of two female Giant Continental rabbits this weekend heralds the beginning of a new and exciting chapter at Rossall. Giant Continental rabbits are lauded for their enormous stature, gentle nature, and their reputation as being the most wonderful of pets is renowned.  First recognised as a breed in 1893, ‘Conties’ as they are often referred to by breeders, have proven time and time again how loveable they are; British architect Christopher Wren even developed his own special line of these beautiful creatures. 

Our rabbits are what is referred to as ‘blue’ in colour. This means that they are genetically black, and this foundation colour has mixed with a dilution gene to give a beautifully light blue-ish coat. They were bred by David White, a breeder who shows his rabbits across the UK and Europe, and is renowned for the excellent health and quality of his rabbits.  

‘Bluebell’ and ‘Penny’ – named by our pupils –  will work alongside many of our academic departments to enrich the curriculum and support classroom learning. They will also feature in our activities programme, and offer children the opportunity to care for and love them. We are very much looking forward to watching the rabbits and their important role at Rossall develop as they continue to grow.