Tricia Nguyen

After a few years, Tricia decided that the fashion industry wasn’t for her and she launched The Open House, an art space which helps to promote upcoming artists (including her father!). The venue also supports dancers and choreographers. In between managing The Open House, Tricia also attended the Ho Chi Minh City Dance Academy, studying Ballet, Folk and European Character Dances. She graduated with distinction in June 2016. Straight after graduating from the academy and, only after two years of training, Tricia was accepted into the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony & Orchestra as an apprentice, performing in the Corps de Ballet on the production of Serenade by George Balanchine. Tricia is currently working on her own contemporary art project, The Wintercearig Project, aimed at raising mental health awareness in Vietnam through the arts. As therapy and medication are not easily accessible in Vietnam for people living with mental health issues, the project will create support groups and workshops for those who require support.

We wish Tricia well in both her arts project and dance career.