The LAMDA results are in!

75% of Rossall Junior School Children choose to do Speech and Drama and every one of these pupils is given the opportunity to take examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Being both the oldest Drama school in the UK and the largest Speech and Drama examining body, LAMDA have a reputation of excellence throughout the world for their examinations.

Twenty-one pupils, aged between 7 and 11 years, took their examinations in May and a number more have taken theirs in June. We have yet to receive the results from the June examinations but the cohort which took theirs in May have received outstanding results, ranging from Pass with Merit to Pass with Distinction; 75% of the pupils earned 90+ marks out of 100.

Congratulations to Grace Gotto, Evie Mellon, Amelia Scott, Natasha Mistry, Chloe Southall, Jessica Singleton, Zachary Dawe, Liam Welsh, Charlie Walker-Reid, Daisie Kashyap, Emerson Porter, Daniel Eaves, Phelix Kowalski, Grace Sutton, James Ison, Ellie Williams, Eleanor Christy, Rowan Mistry, Shane Shanthakumar, Lucas Baxendale, Luci Mai Richardson, Ben Worthington, Michael Taylor, Grace Evans, Melissa Pilley and Suzanne Carter.