Piano Academy Takes London

On the 4th of October, students of the International Piano Academy had the amazing opportunity to go on a full-day trip to London.

The trip started in the early morning hours with Mr. Dobson driving us all the way to London. Once there, we set out to visit the Steinway Hall where, after a short lunch break, 4 students had a masterclass with renowned pianist Martin Roscoe who has an international reputation and collaborates with Rossall School from time to time. His insight on the piano playing of the chosen students was very impressive and even helped the people who were just watching like me.

We also had an amazing tour around Steinway Hall, where we got to see beautiful, famous and even self-playing pianos. One piano that stood out in particular was one of the pianos used in the BBC Proms, a very prestigious 8-week long event, where all of the well-known classical pianists of this era have played, so we were all very excited when we got a chance to play on this beautiful (and really expensive!) piano.

After that amazing experience, we went a couple of blocks further, where we toured the Royal Academy of Music which is one of the best renowned music schools in the world. The tour was given by the former teacher of Mr. Lim, Professor Michael Dussek who is a teacher at the Academy. He showed us the concert halls, practice rooms, a small museum and much more.

Overall, this trip was a great experience and I would be happy to do it all again. The Piano Academy and the experiences it brings with it are really amazing and I find them very enjoyable.

Carl H – Year 12