Religious Studies, Philosophy and Library Week

The Religious Studies & Philosophy department ran a wide range of talks and activities to inspire and enthuse our students during library week (2nd – 8th October).

KS3 students with Ngoc Linh Nhi Tran and Ha Trang Pham.

Year 7 tutor groups entered teams to compete in a Chapel treasure hunt – giving them the chance to explore and examine some of the beautiful windows and carvings in our Chapel of St John the Baptist. KS3 students were invited to attend two Philosophy lectures given by Year 13 Oxford University applicants, Ngoc Linh Nhi Tran and Ha Trang Pham. The audience, mostly consisting of scholars, engaged really well with ideas from David Hume, Aristotle and René Descartes.

Head of KS3 scholars, Mr Rowe commented, ‘We explored Aesthetics and pondered whether beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We then learnt about Cartesian scepticism and had a lively debate on doubt and certainty. Thank you so much to all involved for such a thought-provoking session.’

On Thursday evening, Mrs Dixon contributed to the Black History Month Symposium with a lecture, ‘Why follow the faith of the oppressor? The origins and development of Black Theology’, which everyone agreed was hugely thought-provoking.

KS3 students also attended an enrichment lecture in which they learned how to write their name in Hebrew, and competed in a Judaism Kahoot.

Well done to prize winners, Maya Clark (overall winner), Buster Bell-Carr, Magic Siangluecha & Sinmiloluwa Akinlotan (good teamwork), and Lily Shepherd.

GCSE students were invited to attend an introduction to Philosophy (Dr Mallaband). They discussed the ethical obligations we have to others in response to the work of Peter Singer in his, ‘The Life You Can Save‘.

The week closed with Jonny Thomson (best-selling author of Mini Philosophy) giving a talk to our Year 12 IB and A-level Philosophy students. He provided lots of food for thought on the history of ideas through the lens of ‘before times’, and there was an opportunity for students to pick up a signed copy of his new book, ‘Mini Big Ideas‘.