Oxbridge Through the Lens of A Rossallian Boarder

Among the many exciting adventures of our new Rossall Weekends programme lies the journey to the renowned cities of Oxford and Cambridge. These trips blend academic excellence with historical charm, promising an enriching experience that inspires Rossallians from a young age.

Holistic Development

At Rossall, even beyond the classroom, students are presented with many opportunities for holistic development. The journey to Oxford and Cambridge offers a blend of intellectual stimulation, cultural immersion, and social interaction that nurtures well-rounded individuals poised for success in an ever-evolving world.

Did you know? Oxford has appeared in over two hundred movies and TV series, including the much loved Harry Potter.

Igniting Aspirations

Some of our students aim to progress onto degree apprenticeships, some are entrepreneurs in the making, some dream of attending elite universities, and some are unsure – which is normal at their age! School life aims to nurture not only academic excellence but also a spirit of ambition that propels students to reach for the stars, and realise their true potential. The trip to Oxford and Cambridge serves as a catalyst for ambition. As students explore the centuries-old colleges, walking in the footsteps of Nobel laureates, world-renowned scientists, and literary giants, they witness the transformative power of education.

The prospect of studying within these prestigious institutions helps to inspire ambition within them, driving them to excel academically and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Cultivating Community

Our trips bring students together through their pursuit of shared aspirations, forming bonds and forging long-lasting friendships. Through shared challenges, triumphs, and moments of discovery, these bonds deepen, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support, creating lasting memories and friendships that will endure long after their time together at the school.

Did you know that the prestigious Cambridge University has produced an incredible 89 Nobel Prize winners?

As our students wander the cobblestone streets of Oxford and Cambridge, they are inspired by the prospect of becoming future scholars, researchers, and leaders, propelled by the knowledge that with dedication and perseverance, their aspirations are within reach.