Cat Smith Visit

We were privileged to welcome Labour MP, Cat Smith for a political debate with their budding politicians.

An exclusive group of our sixth form students, interested in politics, had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with Ms Smith about current issues, the big Brexit debacle and the views of the labour party.

Cat recounted tales of her political endeavours and described her journey of how she became a politician, from school to the Houses of Parliament, despite not studying politics at university.

Amber Brown (Year 12) commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed Cat Smith’s visit to the school, as I’m inspired by her feminist views and strong opinions.

“She told us not to be afraid or intimidated by the predominantly male atmosphere in Parliament which is inspirational to all young girls who are thinking of a career in politics.”

Ms Smith joined the students for lunch where she reiterated how important it is for young people to get their voices heard. Rebecca Heyes (Year 12) said, “Ms Smith really made me think about how politics affects everyone individually.

“She was also very interested in hearing about our own views on subjects such as Brexit – it was nice to be listened to.”

Later, Cat sat down with our first female Head, Ms Elaine Purves who said, “It was wonderful to welcome Ms Smith to Rossall to speak to our students.

“We are always looking for opportunities to inspire our students and it is extremely important to us to convey the message to them, that they can be anything they want to be, irrespective of their gender.”