Investor Challenge

A team of our students known as the ‘Rossall Roadmen’ have progressed through to the semi-finals of the Student Investor Challenge.

Annabel Counsell, Emily Rose, Jack Sangha and Rebecca Heyes (Year 12) entered the UK’s Premier Investment Competition with over 400,000 students from 2,500 schools.

The competition involves the teams investing virtual money into the London Stock Exchange.

There are two elements to the competition: an Active Investor Portfolio and a Strategic Investor Portfolio.

In both elements, the students invest a hypothetical £100,000 with the aim of trying to maximise their portfolios, however, in the latter their ability to manipulate is very limited.

In the heats, the Rossall Roadmen were one of the best performing teams, resulting in their progression to the semi-finals, where they will attempt to accurately predict the value of a company’s share at the end of the week.

Seventeen-year-old Jack, who studies Maths, Business, Economics and Computer Science A levels at Rossall commented:

“I have absolutely loved the challenge so far. To be given the chance to experience life in the stock exchange is simply incredible.

“It is certainly a great way for aspiring investors to gain experience in a safe environment, with no risk of any actual money being lost!”