Year 8 Spanish

These past weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for our brilliant Year 8 Spanish students, grappling with the challenges of revision and exams. 

Here is a glimpse into the different range of activities that have taken place recently:

“Un Dado, Un Boli”: Where Learning Meets Fun!

Last week, our Year 8 students experienced a refreshing break from the exam grind with a very engaging game: “Un Dado, Un Boli” (One Dice, One Pen in English). Armed with a set of gapped translation tasks, skilfully graded by difficulty, each student eagerly rolled the dice, hoping for that elusive 6. The thrill of the game was infectious, creating an atmosphere where learning seamlessly blended with joy. Success was sweet, and even those who did not score points couldn’t help but be caught up in the enthusiasm of the game.

Día de los Muertos

Our Year 8 students recently embarked on a cultural journey, immersing themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Mexico and its traditions. Two of our talented Mexican IB students led the workshop. The session not only broadened horizons but also sparked curiosity, as evidenced by the insightful questions that filled the room. This is what one of our students thought of the event:

“On Wednesday 15 of November, 2 wonderful year 12s, Ana and Antonio showed us a wonderful presentation about the Mexican festival, Day of the Dead ( Día de los Muertos). It was an interesting presentation, teaching us what it is like to live in Mexico during the Day of the Dead festival, on the 30th of October. They showed us some of the traditional things they do, like the nicely dressed skeletons, the traditional orange marigolds, and the Pan de Muerto. We did a themed word search, a lovely end to an excellent presentation”

– Tillie


The week’s crescendo reached its peak with a heartwarming screening of the film “Coco,” a choice that proved to be both poignant and fitting for our students. “Coco” not only entertained but also encouraged our students to contemplate deeper themes, fostering empathy and understanding.