Untie the apron strings…let the children grow

With just over three weeks to go before the end of another academic year, it is nice to reflect on how much the children have grown and progressed over the last ten months. Transitioning from Preschool to Reception, Infants to Juniors and moving up a year group is an exciting time. It has been lovely to see how each of the children have been engaged and enthusiastic in all they have done and how they have become more independent in their learning.

Independence can be nurtured from a very young age. In the Infants, the simple routine of getting dressed and packing a school bag is very much encouraged.  By the time the children are in the Juniors, we expect a greater level of responsibility in all aspects of school life to the extent of ensuring prep is completed and handed in on time. In a PYP classroom, much of the work requires the children to think and act independently, make judgements based on a reasoned argument. Through developing these skills, the children learn to adapt to situations and take on challenges that they have never experienced before which also boosts their confidence. We encourage them to utilise their independent problem solving and thinking skills in all aspects of school life.

Developing these essential life-long skills provides the children with the best possible chance for a promising and brighter future.