Sports Information

Inclusivity and Equality of Opportunity

We provide an outstanding programme for high performing athletes but we believe that the experience and joy of playing team sports should be accessible to all children regardless of their starting point. Our inclusive philosophy is a defining characteristic of the School and we are proud to lead  the way in terms of gender equality. The success of our girls’ football programme is reflective of our commitment to ensuring complete parity in terms of the ambition and quality of our offering.

Our Sporting Alumni

  • Peter Winterbottom, Rugby Union
  • Brian Redman, Formula One
  • Josh Landmann, Paratriathlete
  • Jacob Draper, Hockey 
  • Liam Botham, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket 
  • Michael Dickinson, Horse Racing
  • Chris Leck, Rugby Union
  • Nigel Howard, Cricket
  • Paul Dalglish, Football

Sporting Scholarships

Rossall believes in investing in sporting stars of the future. We are committed to offering an excellent education complemented by exceptional coaching and sports provision for those striving for a professional career in sports. We are able to offer scholarships to pupils with a strong track record of and potential for future success.

Entry at Year 7 & Year 9

Sports scholars seeking entrance at Year 7 and Year 9 are expected to have core competencies that ensure an ability to engage holistically with a number of sports as well as being able to demonstrate an understanding of their own speciality sport.

At this level we are seeking to observe athletic ability, potential for development as well as a genuine interest in and passion for their chosen sport.

Sport scholars seeking entrance at Year 9 are expected to have refined their core skills in their chosen sports and show willingness to develop in other sports in order to aid progression. 

At this level we are expecting potential scholars to be representing their sport at county standard or above.

Entry at Year 12

Sports scholars seeking entry at Year 12 are expected to show a degree of excellence in their chosen sport or sports. Candidates will be invited to showcase their abilities through a practice session involving current Rossall students. 

At this level we are expecting potential scholars to be representing their sport at county level or above.

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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning sessions with the strength and conditioning coach who is based at the school.

Progress Tracking

Weekly one to one meetings to manage and track progress of the student’s athletic development.

Staff Support

Support, advice and extra sessions as required by members of the sport department.

For Sports Scholars

All Rossall scholar athletes are offered a comprehensive strength and conditioning programme with the school’s strength and conditioning coach.

The aim of these programmes is to help improve athletic performance and is delivered through gym-based activities as well as speed and conditioning sessions. Each athlete scholar is provided with a personalised strength and conditioning plan which is reviewed regularly to ensure that they are able to perform at their optimum level.

Sport staff are highly invested in helping each student to achieve their goals; support and advice is provided not only to help improve athletic performance, but also to open horizons and ensure that students are fully informed about pathways and careers.

In particular, Rossall School provides: 

  • Regularly reviewed strength and conditioning plans that are individually tailored to the athlete’s needs and the demands of the athlete’s sport and take into account seasonal variation also.
  • Regular performance screening, performance testing and functional movement screening to track the student’s athletic development and ensure they are developing their performance to attain the highest standard.
  • Extensive support and training for athletes to ensure that training is carried out safely and injuries are minimised.
  • Access to fantastic sports facilities including the gym, Sports Hall, Astro turf, swimming pool etc. Students have access to gym equipment during training sessions and during free time.