Friends of Rossall AGM

The first FOR AGM was held in the recently refurbished Winkley Room. During the meeting, the new committee was voted in and a special thanks were given to James and Susan McKnight for their help and support with the FOR over the last 16 years.

The Head, Ms Purves read a note, written by Mr and Mrs McKnight, when Grace was only one week old, stating their wish to send their new born daughter Grace to Rossall for her whole education which the AGM audience thought was delightful. After expressing her own thanks and the School’s gratitude to them both, Ms Purves presented Susan with gifts including a ‘pink and bling’ Susan-style bouquet of flowers with an engraved vase.

2017/2018 FOR committee:

Chairperson – Joint – Nigel Gregory / Amanda Ardron
Vice Chair – Marie Currie / Amanda Munden
Secretary – Amanda Holt
Treasurer – Rebecca Murdoch