This term, the Religious Studies and English Department ran a creative competition around the subject of, “The true meaning of Christmas.” Many students entered a host of excellent poems, drawings, paintings, videos and photos.

There were many exceptional entries and all students who entered received a certificate of thanks from the Religious Studies and English Department.

However, there were two clear winners, Year 7 student, Rosie Cahalin, and Year 11 student, Marie Melshiemer (Rose).

Rosie wrote a poem on the true meaning of Christmas entitled, ‘Just a Little’.

Just A Little

Just a little bit will do,
People on the streets cold and damp.
Not knowing what to do,
All they want for Christmas is a warm winter’s lamp.

A hot drink is their Christmas wish come true,
They are fighting for their lives.
We can come to the rescue.

Sometimes you need to show you care.
So one small act of kindness could give them some hope,
That people are their for them.

It doesn’t take much,
So give what you can.
Help people when they don’t feel the best,
Give them something this Christmas.
Just a little bit will do.

Mary created a piece of artwork highlighting what Christmas means to her.

Well done to both!