Chinese Tram Project

The Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust recently approached Rossall School regarding the decoration of one of their old trams.

The trust had decided on a Chinese theme for the decoration and approached some Chinese students from Rossall School for their help. Over the last couple of weeks, the Art students have been working on designs which show images that are representative of their home country.

Following an initial meeting with the trust, seven themes were chosen: Tea, Dragons, Fish, People, Panda Bears and Bamboo, Buildings and Flowers. The artists mocked up original concepts before completing their final pieces.

The designs will ultimately be scaled up and adorn the windows and panels of the tram. The interior will also have a Chinese theme and feature an exciting development at Wyre Dock, Fleetwood.

Rossall School Monitor and Art student, Ken Gan said, “It was a very interesting project. We all really enjoyed creating our own pieces reflective of our home country, China. I am very happy that the trust chose us for the project, we feel very honoured and look forward to seeing our artwork on the tram.”

Ken has won numerous awards for his artwork and has been featured in the magazine, Classic Car News.

Rossall’s Head of Art, Sarah Holder-Williams, commented and said, “We are absolutely delighted that the students’ work has been recognised. Several of the students have been at Rossall for a number of years, so Fleetwood is a very special place to them and it is great that they had the opportunity to contribute to the community.”

Rossall School artists who contributed to the project: Andy Chan, Ella Chan, Anna Choi, Ken Gan, Demi Luo, Adrian Tai, Joyce Zhang, Travis Zhao.