Strategic Development Plan

Rossall is one of the foremost independent schools within the UK. Consequently, this is a resolutely ambitious strategic development plan that articulates a strong and deliverable vision for a progressive, creative, caring and internationally-minded School. Most importantly, it is underpinned by an uncompromising commitment to ensuring that we continue to provide an outstanding quality of teaching and learning within an holistic educational context that encourages young people to fulfil their extraordinary potential.

As we celebrate the 178th anniversary of the School’s foundation it is an apposite moment to reflect upon the illustrious history of this most remarkable of communities. However, it is also the case that we need to take substantive steps to future-proof the School and ensure that it is well-placed to both shape lives and inspire excellence for generations to come. Change inevitably constitutes a challenge, yet Rossall is supremely well-placed to continue embracing a creative and forward-thinking dynamic so as to ensure that it offers a truly outstanding quality of education. Our local, national and international reputation is built upon the quality of our current provision and the ambition that we articulate for the future. All stakeholders need to reflect upon the fact that the School has evolved since its foundation and whilst we are custodians of the much loved traditions of this community, it is our responsibility to drive the School forward so that it continues to offer a modern, liberal, creative and intellectually exciting curriculum.

This Strategic Development Plan (SDP) is designed to provide a strong sense of strategic direction (from 2022 until 2027) by considering, from a developmental perspective, each of the thirteen core strands that we use to benchmark the quality of education that we provide. These strands also provide the framework for the annual School Improvement Plans (SIP) which comprises the short term developmental objectives for the School during each successive academic year. Three additional strands consider sustainability, EDI and commercial enterprise.

Jeremy Quartermain
Headmaster of Rossall School

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