The end of another academic year at Rossall

Dear All,

As this academic year concludes, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all Rossallians a wonderful summer filled with adventure, laughter and precious time spent with loved ones. It has been an incredible year for Rossall and we could not be more proud of all that our children have achieved  – they are endlessly brilliant!  We hope that you share in our joy and that you will take just a moment to reflect upon all that has passed since we first assembled together in Chapel back in September 2023. As the country goes to the polls tomorrow morning, it is also a time to look towards the future with hope in our hearts and confidence in the knowledge that Rossall is now superbly well positioned to meet any challenges that may lie ahead. We do not close down over the summer and we have an extensive programme of estates works planned for July and August. This includes the re-roofing of Big School and the creation of a Year 11 common room. We look forward to welcoming various groups including Pro Corda North and the National Children’s Orchestra.  

Our thoughts are now firmly focused on September and with a full pupil roll and the launch of our new partnership with MCFC, it promises to be a very exciting year indeed. Thank you for your support throughout the year. We are privileged that you choose to be part of this community and it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide your children with the very best possible start in life. We are endlessly ambitious for all of our children and it is an absolute privilege to be part of their young lives. As a community, there is an energy and dynamism about Rossall which is just as distinctive as the warmth and friendliness for which generations of Rossallians have rightly been celebrated. Finally, thank you to our outstanding colleagues. They  are kind, caring, thoughtful, funny, inspiring, courageous and just….well….amazing people! 

All best wishes,

Jeremy and Fiona