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Rossall School is blessed to have many outstanding performance spaces. The Performing Arts Studio (PAS) is a state of the art multi purpose learning space and performance venue whilst the Museum Theatre, Big School and our beautiful School Chapel also offer venues of unique character and history to complement the huge variety of performances on offer. 

We mustn’t forget to mention our beautiful outdoor performance spaces too – Rossall is blessed with a number of open air stages including the Hall Garden for intimate performances and the Square for those performances that deserve the grand backdrop of our iconic buildings.

Rossall School is blessed to have so many outstanding performance spaces. In 2018, the state-of-the-art Performing Arts Studio (PAS) was opened. This venue is utilised for both theatrical performances and musical recitals. The generosity of Old Rossallian, David McKee funded this project and the PAS has now become a very busy hub of creativity within the performing arts. It is, without doubt, one of the premier performance venues on the Fylde Coast.

‘Big School’ provides a striking venue for whole school productions and retains a sense of Victorian grandeur. It is an imposing venue with green rooms, backstage facilities and seating for an audience of four hundred. 

The Museum Theatre was built in 1894 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the School’s foundation. It provides a more intimate venue for small-scale productions and plays host to our weekly Wednesday lunchtime live performance sessions that take place every week during term time. 

The School Chapel is another fantastic performance space. Built by Edward Graham Paley in 1866, it is an exquisitely beautiful venue that is used at different points throughout the year. 

Finally, in recent years, performances have taken place in both the Hall Garden and the Square. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have so many venues at our disposal without even having to leave our 160 acre site here on the Fylde Coast.

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