UK ready to welcome back international students

The Boarding School Association (BSA), along with other associations, has been delighted to receive a letter from Graham Stuart MP at the Department for International Trade which is aimed at international students and their parents.

The letter makes it clear that the UK is ready to welcome international students back to their schools.

The minister writes: “International students bring huge benefits to the UK, socially, culturally and economically and, as a government, we are proud that so many parents trust UK schools to give their children the best possible education. International students make our world class schools even better. They enrich the experience of all students, bring greater diversity to our school campuses and stimulate fresh ideas and new perspectives. This cultural exchange helps build life-long friendships, as well as laying the foundations for future networks, and important business, political and diplomatic bridges.”

To read the letter in full please click here.

Rossall led the Safe Schools UK movement and we have been at the very forefront of adopting rigorous measures designed to minimise risk and prevent transmission.

Our location is perfect in so much as we are a good distance from any major city and it is clear that our isolated position on the coast affords us much greater protection than schools situated in towns or cities.

Rossall remains a safe haven for children; one within which educational opportunity is maximised and any potential risk to public health minimised.

Mr Quartermain adds: “We are proud of the reputation that we have gained as leaders within the educational sector and it is reassuring to know that so many of the measures that we have embraced are now being actively promoted by Public Health England and the UK government.”