The Poetry of Christina Rossetti

On Wednesday 5th February, the A Level English Literature students travelled to Manchester for a series of lectures on The Poetry of Christina Rossetti, presented by various academics.

Christina Rossetti was an influential female poet whose work is studied as part of the A Level syllabus, therefore attending the lectures helped to broaden the students’ understanding of her literary works.

The schedule consisted of four key lectures: feminist theory, poetic artistry, narrative form and the religious beliefs behind her poetry. The students found it insightful that four different university academic lecturers each gave a unique interpretation on the hidden meanings and messages behind Rossetti’s poetry, which they can include as part of their further critical analysis and essays.

The trip also allowed the students to obtain a developed understanding of Rossetti’s poetry and her exposition of Key aspects of Victorian society. An enjoyable and rewarding experience was had by all.

Report by Year 12 students Ellie Preston (Rose), Skyler Bowes (Dolphin) and Harriet Clough (Wren)