Rossall School News – Summer 2021 Week 10

From the Headmaster

Dear All,

It is a tremendous shame that we have had to postpone many of our celebrations due to a rising number of covid cases in the area. Whilst I am not sure that we ever embraced Boris’ concept of ‘Freedom Day’, we had hoped that this weekend would be the moment that we came together once again as a community. Still, the last eighteen months have taught us to live with hope whilst accepting that there are times when we are all hostages to fortune. 

Our Year 13 deserved to have a fabulous ball with family and friends in attendance but current restrictions do not permit such festivities. Nonetheless, we are going to have the opportunity to celebrate tomorrow and it will be our chance to pay tribute to this fantastic group of young people. In the evening, the Hall Garden will be transformed into a party zone and, weather permitting, we will be able to proceed in a way that will be special and memorable. We will look to do something for leavers’ and their families as soon as restrictions are lifted. We are acutely conscious of the significance of these moments in young people’s lives and we will do everything within our power to ensure that we are able to bring their time here at school to a fitting conclusion. Of course, we are a family and we hope that all our leavers will become active members of the wide Rossallian community and know that this will always be a place where they can feel at home. 

We were particularly looking forward to the opening of the Pre-Prep and Nursery and I know that Matt Turner will be writing to parents to inform them of the changes that we have made to existing plans but we are confident that this will still be able to go ahead before the end of term. 
All best wishes,

Mr Jeremy Quartermain
Headmaster of Rossall School

Message from the Junior Headmaster

Dear Parents,

There are weeks and then there are weeks! This has certainly been one to test the resilience of our community. Having to postpone events with some children not able to attend, was a blow. However, I have been heartened by the responses of parents who have thanked the school for the prompt communication and safety precautions that we undertook. We have done so well as a school to reduce risk but alas, we fell two weeks short of our goal. That said, remote learning kicked in immediately with the children back online immediately.

We have been joined by an inspection team this week and the children have absolutely risen to the occasion, presenting the very best versions of themselves in the classrooms and around the school.  

The children have most certainly had a hectic week! Year 4 visited the Senior School Science labs to study electricity and circuits. Year 6 raced their balloon-powered cars. Year 5 were busy preparing their short plays in Drama, whilst outside. Year 2 has been sketching shells. Year 1 got to grips seamlessly with their remote learning – well done! Reception has been discovering where vegetables come from (not the supermarket!). Finally, Year 3 created ancient Egyptian artefacts. All in all, quite some week!

Have a relaxing weekend.

Mr Turner
Headmaster of Rossall Nursery and Preparatory School

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We are now the proud owners of a truly stunning Steinway & Sons Model D concert grand piano. After some deliberation, we went for option 4! It will join the 11 other pianos, including 2 grand pianos, that are being delivered to Rossall School this Summer, as we finally become an All-Steinway School and launch our International Piano Academy! Thank you so much to our students, to Steinway Hall and to our Associate Professor, Martin Roscoe, for helping to select our piano. We cannot wait to hear many concerts on this absolutely magnificent instrument in the months and years to come!
Congratulations to Year 13 student, Kieran Hogarth (Pelican) who has signed with Chicago State University on a golf scholarship! 
Congratulations to Year 7 student, Ramneet whose artwork is currently being displayed at the Inside Out Exhibition in Fleetwood. Inside Out is the brainchild of Fleetwood based artist Gillian Wood. It is a project that is bringing together the often unseen and underrepresented creative talents and skills of the people of Fleetwood and surrounding areas. The exhibition is running from Tuesday 22nd June – Sunday 18th July and is on the top floor of the old Fleetwood hospital building on Pharos Street.
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They’ve Been Framed!

After successfully appeasing the Kai/Ky’s, we decided to celebrate our line marker shenanigans with a photograph of the three of us. Elias and Chris used their photography skills and after several attempts, realised they had the lens cap on still but then finally managed to get a good picture with me in the middle and a Kai/Ky on either side. I left on good terms with the promise to get each of them a framed copy.

I printed 3 copies of the photograph, each one 30cm by 40cm. However, the only frames I could find of that exact size are made of thick wood where the actual frame covers 78% of the picture. See below.

(Diagram not to scale and this, believe it or not, is a drawing of the frame and photograph!)

Unfortunately, the frame almost entirely cut the Kai/Ky’s out of the photograph (this was not my intention, at all. Honest…).

So if the wooden parts of the frame cover 78% of the photograph and the photograph and frame are both exactly 30cm by 40cm in size. How wide are the wooden parts of the frame, marked x?#

Well, the Kai-valry continues this week with both Kai Wagner (and the Quiz Gang) and Ki Hutchinson getting the solution to the puzzle correct. But I have decided to start fresh with the puzzle this week and keep it simple, in hope of attracting some new puzzlers into sending me a solution.

So here is the new puzzle, enjoy!

A Flighty, yet Puzzling Sum!

In the following column addition, each of the letters represents a different non-zero digit

What are the values of each of the letters?

(Please include an explanation with any solution you may submit)

As usual, the winning entry will become the focus of the next puzzle.

Remember to send your answer to: [email protected]

Autumn Meeting at Ganton Golf Club, North Yorkshire on 28th September 2021

Light lunch from 11.00am, 18 holes Stableford Competition from 12.00 Noon, followed by dinner. £135.00 per player.

Please apply to Arthur Stephenson (Hon Sec Rossall Golf Society). 

[email protected]
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The password to view the teamsheets is: rossallsport

Rossall’s very own Film Festival returns for a SECOND YEAR!

The TWO-MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL is open to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE – all you need to do is create a film that runs for 120 seconds or less!

You can find out everything you need to know (including last year’s entries and ROSSCARS!) from this year’s site:

Closing date for submissions: Sunday 4th July
ROSSCARS Awards Ceremony: Wednesday 7th July