Rossall School News – Michaelmas – 2021 Week 6

Rossall School Archway
Autumn sun shines on Rossall, photo by Nayana (Y13, Rose)

Across literature, charity, poetry and hockey Rossall students give generously of their time and energy.
Floreat Rossallia!

From The Headmaster

In my second year at university, I became aware that one of my friends was spending an inordinate amount of time in the college computer room. Increasingly bleary eyed and dishevelled, he cut a sad and lonely figure. Introverted and monosyllabic, it was clear that this once dynamic and witty young man was undergoing an extraordinarily difficult time. I remember plates with congealed gravy, the remnants of half eaten meals mounting up beside his computer and, in hindsight, I do not think that he returned to his room to sleep at night time.

In 1996, I had not even sent my first email. I had concluded quite emphatically that such a system was never likely to catch on, especially given the wonderful efficiency of college porters and pigeonholes. It seemed like a pointless gimmick, a pleasing distraction for geekish minds. Consequently, the thought that my friend had become addicted to internet chat rooms never even crossed my mind…

Read more on the Headmaster’s blog.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Jeremy Quartermain
Headmaster of Rossall School

Message From The Preparatory School Headmaster

Dear Parents,

It has been a brilliant yet tough half term that we can reflect upon as being hugely successful in so many ways. We have made it over the finish line, although I am not certain we were sprinting by the end! The children have been brilliant and have adapted superbly well to the additional measures we put in place.

I am, as always, immensely proud of them all. Last week we launched our ‘Lunch with the Stars’, a new initiative where the Prep Leadership Team are lucky enough to dine on the top table with our assembly award winners (Stars of the Week). What a lovely treat for Mr Condon, Miss Finney, and myself. Great to see so many clean plates too!

Read more in the Nursery, Pre-Pre and Prep School Newsletter.

Mr Turner

Headmaster of Preparatory School & Nursery

Sixth Form Options Evening

Sixth Form students sitting on a bench

Many of our students continue with us at Sixth Form to give themselves the best chance of getting into their first choice destination.

Learn in a familiar, inclusive and welcoming environment that offers a wide range of courses to suite your skills and interests.

Choose from our three pathways at Sixth Form, with A-Levels, IB Diploma & BTEC in Sport and find what works best for you.

See the Sixth Form Course Guide.

Start building for your future by booking a place at our Sixth Form Options Evening on Thursday 4th November at 18:30

Book your place here.

Emmanuel Despax Concert

Emmanuel Despax concert at Rossall School

Friday 12 November 2021, 7pm

This is a rare opportunity to hear some of the most powerful and technically dazzling works in the piano repertoire played by one of the world’s most brilliant young pianists.

General Admission £18.00

Concessions £14.00

Students £8.00

Drinks Reception £10.00

View programme and Book Tickets here.

Black History Month in English

Over the past weeks, sixth form Farrell Society students researched and prepared a talk which was then delivered to year seven and eight English Society pupils on Tuesday.

The presentation titled ‘Black Writers’ was delivered in recognition of Black History Month; the pupils were tasked with analysing two poems: ‘Equality’ by Maya Angelou and ‘Sorrow Home’ by Margaret Walker. Using these as a source of inspiration, they then wrote their own cultural poems.

This went extremely well and it was lovely to see the younger year groups enjoying working with sixth form students to create some fantastic poetry.

The Farrell Society also received brand new copies of ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas this week, a novel inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, which they will be reading over the coming weeks.

The Farrell Society gets its name from one of our alumni James Farrell, best know for a series of novels known as “the Empire Trilogy” (Troubles, The Siege of Krishnapur and The Singapore Grip), which deal with the political and human consequences of British colonial rule.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visit

Students from Year 12 and 13 A Level Art, Photography, Graphics and IB Visual Arts attended the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield.

The star attraction was the stunning scenery and the latest exhibition by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos called Beyond. It is a celebration of cultural tradition, femaleness and love.

It was a visual delight full of texture and colour accompanied by emotive music. The sun shone for us as we walked around the spectacular sight and we enjoyed the myriad of scattered sculptures by famous artists such as Damien Hirst, David Nash, Anthony Caro and Henry Moore.

National Poetry Day

Last week was National Poetry Day and English classes have been working hard in lessons and as prep to create their own imaginative and insightful poems.

This year there was no singular theme for the day which allowed for considerable variety. As a department, we have been amazed by the quality of writing and some incredibly thought-provoking and powerful poems have been produced. 

Lancashire Champions

Men’s first team hockey were crowned Lancashire Champions yesterday. They beat off a strong Manchester Grammar School 2 – 1 and then secured wins over Bolton Boy’s Division and Merchant Taylor’s Crosby. 
The boys totalled 13 goals and conceded just 2, well done!

Rossall Film Festival

If you’re new to Rossall, you may not be aware that we have our very own Film Festival and ROSSCAR awards!

The rules are simple – make a film that lasts 120 seconds or less.

The deadline for submissions has been extended until October 31st!
You can find out more on our festival website.

Mr Sharpe’s Maths Challenge

Congratulations to Mr Heinz Melsheimer for his excellent solution as well as Kai and Oliver – a little slow this week though!! Also thanks to Mr Hall (Couldn’t resist the Geography and young Jordon Hubbard in year 13. All solutions were correct although some different data was used from different points in time.

Mr Melsheimer Takes Charge!

As a consequence of supplying the first correct solution, Mr Melsheimer gains control over the other 4 correct answers suppliers and decides to have them put on a synchronized jumping show.

Kai jumps every 2 seconds
Oliver jumps every 3 seconds
Mr Hall jumps every 8 seconds and
Jordon jumps every 12 seconds.

Each jumper leaves the ground for the same amount of time as the others and covers the same 1m distance per jump directly forward.

They start on a freshly created huge flat surface and start back to back (effectively at the same point).
Each is facing a different compass directions (North, East, South, West).
They all start jumping at the same time and continue to do so until they have all jumped a minimum of 10 jumps each, stopping when Jordon has completed his 10th jump.

How long does this take?

If you join together their final resting points with straight lines to form a quadrilateral, what is the area of the quadrilateral?

Good luck Rossallians and have a great half term

As ever, the first correct answer with workings out will become the subject of the next puzzle. If you fancy it then please feel free to send me a video solution and you could get your video in the newsletter!

Remember to send your answer to: [email protected]

Mr Chris Sharpe
Head of 6th Form Mathematics

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