Rossall School News – Michaelmas 2021 Week 2

Finishing the second week of Michaelmas Term we already have much to celebrate and even more to look forward to. 
Floreat Rossallia!


The harder I work, the luckier I get! 

Emma Raducanu celebrating her victory at Flushing Meadows

 Perhaps it really was Thomas Jefferson who first identified the causational link between hard work and good luck but I doubt that this is the case at all. The extraordinary sight of Emma Raducanu holding aloft the US Open trophy in Flushing Meadows on Saturday evening marked the culmination of a journey that started in Bromley some sixteen years ago. Emma is the first qualifier ever to win a Grand Slam. Her achievement is remarkable given that before the tournament commenced, she was ranked 333 and yet she has now won one of tennis’ most coveted prizes. Given that she was forced to retire from Wimbledon due to breathing difficulties, her triumph in America seems all the more dazzling. 

At the time of Emma’s withdrawal from Wimbledon, she faced censure from a number of pompous middle-aged men who evidently considered themselves experts on such matters. Controversially, John McEnroe argued that ‘Emma’s a talented player but couldn’t handle the pressure and quit when she was losing badly’. Piers Morgan waded in on Twitter with the withering observation that this was not ‘brave, just a shame.’  Anybody old enough to have witnessed McEnroe’s epic tantrums on court will be familiar with his own questionable ability to handle pressure appropriately. At best the comments of both men were insensitive and unkind. 

All of us suffer from anxiety at certain points in our lives. To do so in front of television cameras at Wimbledon seems entirely human and deserving of our understanding and yet Emma’s predicament attracted the opprobrium of many armchair critics. When Simone Biles withdrew from a number of events at the Olympics, she was chastised by some who considered her actions to be the selfish acts of a prima donna rather than a considered response to an unhealthy level of pressure. Some sneered about the ‘snowflake generation’ whilst others suggested she was letting her teammates down.

I hope that Emma’s triumphant resurgence will serve to inspire all those young people who have felt, or currently do feel, limited or defined by their anxiety. Human life is not immutable and our capacity to evolve should never be underestimated. Those of us who feel waves of anxiety on a regular basis know just how hard it can be to rationalise those feelings. My wife is emotionally calm and buoyed by a level of optimism that can appear baffling to a natural worrier like me. She is usually right in her assessment of situations and, thankfully, her optimism and fundamental belief that everything really will be alright is usually well placed. Her mindset is different to mine and no amount of breathing exercises, yogic flying or hours with a counsellor will change the fact that I tend to worry about pretty much everything. That is not necessarily a bad trait given that I am charged with the responsibility of looking after 800 children and over 250 members of staff. I mean you would not really want me to be cavalier about the whole thing! A swashbuckling maverick prone to taking extreme risks is great fun in fiction but can be devastatingly ineffective in real life.

 ‘Resilience’ was a word that went out of vogue some years ago and those who highlighted the importance of developing resilience were often deemed to give too little consideration to the fragility and vulnerability that results from living with mental health issues. For generations, independent schools were the preserve of the ‘stiff upper lip’ and the rather dismal concept often referred to as ‘muscular Christianity’. Schools such as Rossall were, ostensibly, preparing young people for military or colonial service. Toughness was celebrated whilst sensitivity was frowned upon as a sign of weakness.

 We now recognise that we need to teach young people that experiencing anxiety does not mean that you lack resilience or courage nor does it mean that, necessarily, you will feel anxious about a given situation for all eternity. There are plenty of strategies that we can utilise to reduce the negative impact of our anxieties but experiencing anxiety on an emotional and or physiological level is an inevitable aspect of being alive. For some of us, the impact of such feelings will be challenging and even crippling at times. However, Emma demonstrated with splendid assurance that experiencing anxiety should not be viewed as a barrier to future success. In doing so, she proved her detractors wrong with the most splendidly virtuoso display of athletic excellence.

On a personal level, I think that I used to believe that it was necessary for me to keep my anxieties entirely concealed for fear of being perceived to be weak or incapable of strong leadership. However, over time, I have come to accept that being your authentic self and embracing one’s fears provides an example that is both real and relatable. Finding the courage to lead is not contingent upon maintaining an impervious countenance. Rather, it is dependent upon compassion, empathy and an ability to understand and respond to the hopes and fears of all within a community. Self knowledge is the starting point of such understanding and our children need role models who do not pretend to be perfect or immune from feeling pressure. Resilience emerges from embracing our fears rather than rejecting or concealing those feelings that we find potentially troubling. Experiencing anxiety does not feel like a weakness nor is it something for which I feel at all ashamed. It is an essential part of my being and without those emotions, I would perhaps not possess the same level of focus and determination.

This week has been full of sporting triumphs. Special mention should go to Bailey Scarborough who swam the length of Lake Coniston in 1 hour 54 minutes and 56 seconds. This is a remarkable achievement and Bailey was the fastest competitor in his age group and placed second overall. He told me that he intends to break the record for the fastest swim over the five mile course next summer and I do not doubt that he will do so. 

Congratulations to those of our students who represented Lancashire Schoolgirls in the U16 National Counties Final on Sunday afternoon. The match was viewable live on YouTube and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see the girls in action against Middlesex. Lancashire won 3-0 to become national champions for 2021. Grace Pilling was incredible in goal and Emma Siddall was declared player of the match. Finally congratulations to Seb Cave who finished runner up in the England Golf ‘Champion of Champions Championship at Woodhall Spa Golf Club. 
 The great treat of this week was the arrival of our Steinway pianos and it is fantastic that all of our musicians will now have world class instruments upon which to practice. The launch of the International Piano Academy has been an overwhelming success and we look forward to sharing their performances with you in due course. For more information about our Piano Academy please visit About the International Piano Academy

 It says much about the extraordinary diversity to be found in Rossall that our pupils excel in so many different fields. Those looking for a good independent school have a number to choose from if that is all they are looking for. Those with dreams will look towards Rossall for Rossall is much more than just a school; it is a way of life that inspires young people to become the best possible versions of themselves. It is a community that draws in parents, teachers, pupils and Old Rossallians and it provides all of us with the opportunity to belong to something that is quite extraordinary in terms of its traditions, values, ethos and ambition. 

 Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Jeremy Quartermain
Headmaster of Rossall School


Dear Parents,

Over the past two weeks, I have enjoyed a couple of exciting activities away from Rossall. The Kite Festival in St Annes was a lovely event to attend, especially given the weather! The World Fireworks Championships was an equally fun activity, with Russia putting on a fantastic display.

Both events got me thinking about the people who participate in such activities and what must have sparked their love for what they do. What subjects would have helped qualify them for the world of pyrotechnics or kite flying? What would have whetted their appetite to create amazing displays to wow an audience? I would hazard a guess that Art and Science played their part and although they may have made a kite in school, I doubt there would have been many lessons in firework construction.

These events made me consider what we should be offering for our children to let them find their own path. In essence, alongside the fundamental necessities of the core subjects, we absolutely must offer a breadth of opportunity so that children are excited to try something new.

That is exactly what we have started this week, as the pupils embarked upon their Rossall Rotation lessons in Astronomy, Cookery & Baking, Forest Schools, Coding, Beach Schools, and Farming. Where are the fireworks and kite flying, I hear myself ask? Well never say never but I know that the children have most certainly enjoyed trying something different and expanding their horizons; what a lesson that is in itself!

Our Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday provided a valuable opportunity for a virtual face to face. Whilst we would genuinely have loved to welcome parents to School in person, the online event still proved a valuable opportunity to discuss all things Rossall and for parents to get to know their child’s new teacher.

It has been a doubly-incredible week for Rhiannon, who not only solved last week’s Maths Challenge but was also the youngest performer in the All-Steinway School recital on Wednesday; we are all very proud of you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr Turner

Headmaster of Preparatory School & Nursery

We hosted digital introductory evenings for our students.

Each year was give an online introduction to the term ahead, with information for students and parents. If you weren’t able to attend at the time these videos are online and contain a wealth of useful information including:

  • Dates for the diary
  • How Rossall supports students
  • How parents can help their child
  • The role of the form tutor
  • Initiatives for that year group
  • Safeguarding

All of the video can be found under the Learning Community section of the website.

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The Prep School and Senior School Calendars are available to view online:



The digital copies of the calendars will be updated on a weekly basis to reflect any changes.

This summer has seen our uniform sales increase to unprecedented levels and we apologise if you have been left waiting for any items. Please let us know about your experience with SchoolBlazer and any uniform delays here

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Before School Tennis at Rossall School

A fun introduction to tennis at the Rossall Sports Centre.
Year 3 & 4 – Tuesdays from 7.45-8.30am
Year 5 & 6 – Thursdays from 7.45-8.30am

LIMITED SPACES – Book Now on the BOUNXsport App!

With an extraordinary career spanning over four decades, Martin Roscoe is one of the UK’s best-loved pianists.

We are delighted that Martin will be performing at the inaugural Signature Artist Concert of the 2021-22 calendar.

In particular, it is fitting that he will be the first soloist to perform on Rossall’s new Steinway Model D concert grand piano, an instrument that he helped our students to select as part of the launch of our All-Steinway International Piano Academy, of which Martin is Associate Professor. 

With a programme including Beethoven’s emotionally charged Pathetique Sonata, Brahms’s reflective and poignant Three Intermezzi, Op. 117 and Liszt’s epic Ballade no. 2, this recital will take the audience on a thrilling musical journey that will feed the imagination and live long in the memory.

The concert will be followed by a drinks reception with an opportunity to meet Martin Roscoe. Tickets can be purchased here:


Saturday 2nd October 2021

 10.00am – 2.00pm

 Rossall School

Featuring a piano masterclass with Martin Roscoe 

Visit: to book your place

  • Reasons to choose Rossall School:
  •  From Nursery to Sixth Form, Rossall educates boys and girls aged 0-18
  •  Number 1 Golf Academy for Senior Students in England
  •  Elite Football Programme for boys and girls in partnership with Fleetwood Town FC
  •  New International Piano Academy (Rossall will become an All-Steinway School in September)
  •  Offering IB, A Levels and BTEC at Sixth Form
  •  Average IB Point Score 35
  •  Over 60% of all 2021 A Level grades awarded A*/A
  •  Brand new Nursery and Pre-Prep facility
  •  £4 million Sport Centre
  •  160-acre campus

Book now and see for yourself why more and more families are choosing Rossall.


What a great week it has been for the maths puzzle!!

We had 5 correct responses with the first correct solution coming from Oliver Hulme in year 7 with a great solution involving ratio.

Also, we had a fantastic video solution sent from Rhiannon Chen in year 4. This solution is the one below as it was so great that it puts my videos to shame!!! So a massive well done to Rhiannon.

So without any more from me here is the new puzzle which is dedicated to both Oliver and Rhiannon for their truly great work!

Some Sums!

In the above diagram, Oliver wants Rhiannon to fill the empty squares so that the number in each square after the fourth from the left is the sum of the numbers in the four squares to its left. 

What number should Rhiannon write in the final square?

As ever, the first correct answer with workings out will become the subject of the next puzzle. If you fancy it then please feel free to send me a video solution and you could get your video in the newsletter!

Remember to send your answer to: [email protected]

Have a great weekend Rossallians!!

Mr Chris Sharpe
Head of 6th Form Mathematics

Here is the excellent video Rhiannon Chen made showing the solution to last week’s puzzle.

On Monday 20th September, we will be holding an Instrumental Lesson Taster Session from 4.30 to 5.30pm in Museum Theatre. This is a fantastic opportunity for any pupils interested in learning a musical instrument to come along, meet the tutors and find out more about the range of lessons that we offer. There will be practical demonstrations and our expert tutors will be able to answer any questions pupils have about the instrumental lesson provision here at Rossall School. 

The Taster Session is open to pupils in Senior School and Sixth Form. Taster Sessions for Preparatory pupils will take place during lesson times over the course of the week. 


Autumn Meeting at Ganton Golf Club, North Yorkshire on 28th September 2021

Light lunch from 11.00am, 18 holes Stableford Competition from 12.00 Noon, followed by dinner. £135.00 per player.

Please apply to Arthur Stephenson (Hon Sec Rossall Golf Society). 


To view all of our sports fixtures and results, please visit:

The password to view the teamsheets is: rossallsport