Rossall dogs raise money for Easterleigh

The Dogs of Rossall Calendar 2018 was the initiative of Rossall School’s Digital Executive, Houseparent and Dog Lover, Miss Amy Campbell.

A similar item had been produced in 2012 when Dr Stephen Winkley was Headmaster and Miss Campbell recalled how fondly it was received.

Traditionally dogs have been a favourite companion to staff members living on the School campus and the pupils grow very fond of all of them.

Dr Stephen Winkley, who passed away in April 2014, was a resolute cat lover before joining Rossall but soon became the owner of a Bedlington Terrier named Bluebell. Whilst at Rossall, Dr Winkley stated: “I came to realise that every time I saw a dog I felt better: their cheerful, steadfast foolishness, their persistence, their innocent joy”.

Miss Campbell also suggested that any money raised from the selling of the calendars should be donated to Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary whose aim is to rescue and re-home unwanted, neglected and stray animals.

The calendar which features many staff members’ dogs, living on and off campus raised £577.00 for the local charity and representatives from Easterleigh came to the School to meet some of the doggy stars. The cheque was presented to the Manager, Miss Debbie Stannard and Bispham Shop Manager, Sharon Paul.

Miss Stannard thanked the School: “Contributions such as yours are invaluable to us in continuing our work with the animals. Your donation will help us feed, house and find new homes for the many animals that need Easterleigh”.

As Mr Winkley so aptly remarked, back in 2012: “The calendar is a tribute to Rossall doggery and the joy we take in our doggish companions.”