Prize Day 2024

A momentous occasion marked the 180th annual Prize Day at Rossall School, celebrating the outstanding achievements of our Y13 students.

Prize Day long continues to be a statement event in the Rossall Calendar and our 180th annual celebration proved to be the same. Prize Day is more than certificates and speeches, here at Rossall it’s a deep-rooted tradition that celebrates the recognition of our inspirational, talented, motivated and incredible Rossallians. 

180 years of commitment to recognising student excellence and what a way to mark it. The sun was shining on the Fylde Coast as we welcomed visitors into the chapel for our service.

Refreshments on the lawn thereafter with the sun very much still on display before our visitors headed to the Sports Centre where our speeches and prize ceremony commenced. 

Our 180th annual Prize Day Celebration was not only one to remember because of its anniversary, but Rossall also said farewell to Chris Holt, our Chair of Council who reached the end of his 10-year term. We would like to thank Chris for his unwavering leadership throughout his tenure. As they say, when one door closes another one opens and Rossall are delighted to welcome Keith Budge as our new Chair of Council.

Everyone here at Rossall is immeasurably proud of our wonderful group of Y13 students. The kindness, ingenuity and talent you all possess makes us overjoyed to call you all Rossallians. Leading the year group, our 2023-2024 School Captains delivered two moving and inspirational speeches summarising their time with us at Rossall, their experiences and the valuable life lessons they now hold.

“For those who have heard me sing, I apologise, and for those who have not – your imagination will not do it justice. Despite sounding acoustically shocking, more like a wrecking ball than my rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA”, it gave me such a rush that it was worth the embarrassment and I’m grateful for having 3 friends who were foolish enough to join me. This act of silliness taught me something really powerful – to embrace every opportunity to live freely and joyfully in everything you do, and to make the most of every given situation no matter how small or tuneless that moment might appear to be.” – School Captain

“Crying on the bus home coming back from an away hockey match after being violently hailed and rained on in the middle of winter. Then getting put in lockdown and having online school in year 9 and logging onto my Zoom calls while still half asleep in bed. Getting put in bottom set Spanish in year 11 which turned out to be an absolute blast. Setting the entire bench on fire in chemistry after our reflux experiment exploded. I definitely learnt my lesson that ethanol does not mix well with fire. The several Infamous Rossall wind lockdowns and watching gossip girl in the wren common room. Sock wrestling matches in the sixth form centre social room. Participating in the colour run which the senior monitors organised last June for pride month and taking great enjoyment from being allowed to throw blue and pink powder all over the teachers. But that enjoyment turned into fear when I realised the first teacher I hit directly in the face was the headmaster. Sorry sir, but that was my one chance. And that’s just to name a few.” – School Captain

Recognition is a powerful motivator that fosters a sense of achievement and pride amongst Rossall students. When student excellence is acknowledged, students feel valued and appreciated, which drives their ambition to excel even further. This sense of accomplishment doesn’t just end with our prize winners. It creates a ripple effect throughout the school. Seeing peers rewarded for their efforts inspires others to strive for similar or even greater heights, fostering a healthy and dynamic culture of excellence where each student pushes one another to do, and be, better. Our celebration of individual achievements at Prize Day encourages a commitment to outstanding performance in academics, sports, arts, and beyond.

Here at Rossall, we provide our students with a strong foundation of self-belief and resilience, which are essential traits for future success. Students seeing and feeling their efforts lead to sincere recognition and tangible rewards, helping them understand that perseverance and dedication are keys to overcoming challenges. This not only prepares them for further academic pursuits but also equips them with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of adult life after Rossall. In celebrating the achievements of our wonderful Y13 students, Rossall not only honours their successes but sets them on a promising path for their future endeavours, ensuring they are well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to the world around them.

A final heartfelt congratulations to all our Prize Winners and Y13 Students. Your dedication, hard work, and outstanding achievements have contributed to another memorable Prize Day. Each award is a testament to your talent, perseverance, and spirit that defines a Rossallian. We are incredibly proud of every one of you, and we celebrate your accomplishments with great joy and admiration. Your successes are not just personal milestones but also a source of pride and inspiration for the entire Rossall community.

To our leavers, stay connected with us through upcoming alumni events, and remember that you can always call Rossall ‘home’.

Floreat Rossallia.

Watch our Prize Day Photo Film here and view the whole catalogue of images here.