Positive Partnership between Home and School

The Rossall School Learning Community

There is a palpable sense of excitement in School this week and we are utterly blessed to be in such a strong position at the beginning of this new academic year. The inclement weather can do nothing to dampen the spirit of this wonderful community. For some, the beginning of term represents the start of a totally new adventure and we extend an especially warm welcome to our new families. We have the highest aspirations for all of our pupils and it is our responsibility to inspire and empower each and everyone of them in every regard. It is our mission to prepare them to lead happy and fulfilling lives, to help them become the best possible versions of themselves. This week we held our Year 7 and Year 11 introductory meetings and these have proved to be a real success. Your feedback has been very positive and it is clear that such events help us to frame our expectations for the year ahead. Next week, we have five more introductory meetings and I know that each of these occasions will provide an invaluable opportunity for strengthening bonds between home and school.

I remember once hearing someone muse that parenthood constitutes little more than a particularly long and expensive social experiment. Few of us would conceive of parenthood in quite such pessimistic or reductive terms but it would be foolish of any of us to claim to be an absolute authority on bringing up children. Almost daily we are confronted by situations that we have not hitherto encountered. Our resourcefulness is tested but our love never falters. Although our children might be formed in our own image, they will always be intrinsically different from us. If we attempt to live vicariously through our children’s achievements or if we project our own thwarted ambitions on to our sons and daughters, then we risk causing lasting harm to those whom we love above all else. On the other hand, if we do not support and encourage them in their endeavours, then they will, in all likelihood, struggle to fulfill their true potential. Thus, we tread a perilous tightrope between success and failure, concord and conflict.

I have yet to find a manual that convincingly explains how to be an outstanding parent. Shortly after the birth of our eldest daughter, someone recommended that we purchase a copy of Gina Ford’s The Contented Baby Book. To be honest, I found it a little dull. In any case, I could not imagine persevering with such a seemingly inflexible approach to parenthood. Of joy and spontaneity there was little to be found in Gina’s weighty tome. When it comes to parenthood, we tend to be experts, critics and beginners all rolled into one. There is no consensus and our approach is often reactive to context and circumstances.

Here at Rossall, we believe that children thrive when parents and school work in close partnership. If we want our children to be happy and well-adjusted then it stands to reason that parents need to feel that they are valued members of our School community. We really do benefit from listening to each other and this is why we have launched the Rossall School Learning Community. Throughout the course of the year, we will put on various events and workshops designed to help us work more closely together. We want you to have an excellent knowledge of how the School functions and we want to discuss with you how best we can support your sons and daughters.

Parenting teenagers can be particularly testing but it is important to know that we do not need to face these challenges alone. It is immensely reassuring to have the opportunity to share ideas and strategies. Modern and progressive schools promote open dialogue and embrace free discussion of challenging topics. The quality of personal development at Rossall was rated ‘excellent’ during our recent inspection yet we are continuously seeking to improve in every regard. With this in mind, I am delighted that Miss Hall has assumed responsibility for pupil wellbeing and I know that she will always be happy to meet with parents and share ideas and resources.

Below is a list of parent events for the Michaelmas 2019 Term. You will receive separate information about each of these events closer to the time.

Monday 9th September6.00pm-7.00pm Year 10 Introductory Evening
Tuesday 10th September  5.00pm-6.00pm L6th Introductory Evening
Tuesday 10th September7.00-8.00pm U6th Introductory Evening
Thursday 12th September  5.00pm-6.00pm Year 8 Introductory Evening
Thursday 12th September7.00pm-8.00pm Year 9 Introductory Evening
Tuesday 17th September7.00pm-8.00pm Rossall Learning Community – Digital Information Evening Senior School iPad launch
Thursday 19th September4.00-7.00pm6th Form Open Afternoon and Pathways Eve
Wednesday 2nd October 7.00pm-8.00pm Rossall Learning Community – Human Universe Lecture 1
Tuesday 15th October 7.00pm – 8.00pm Parents’ Forum Meeting
Thursday 7th November 6.00pm – 8.00pm 6th Form Options Evening
Thursday 14th November 6.00pm – 8.00pm Year 7 Parents’ Evening
Saturday 16th November TBC  6th Form Options Consultation morning
Tuesday 19th November 7.00pm – 8.00pm Rossall Learning Community – Human Universe Lecture 2
Thursday 21st November 6.00pm – 8.00pm Year 10 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 28th November 6.00pm – 8.00pm Year 8 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 5th December 6.00pm – 8.00pm U6th Parents’ Evening
Thursday 12th December 6.00pm – 8.00pm Year 9 Parents’ Evening

As you can see, we have expanded our programme of events for parents and we are looking forward to seeing plenty of you in the weeks and months ahead.

I wish you all the best for the term ahead. I am immeasurably proud to serve this wonderful school and I am delighted that we are filled with children eager to immerse themselves in all the opportunities that a Rossall Education has to offer.