Poetry Please

The 8th edition of “Poetry Please” took place on Thursday 4th May in Big School. An audience of 120 came to see the English Department’s celebration of the spoken word.

There was a wide ranging selection of poetry, both traditional and modern, with group and solo performances, and readings of poems written by the students themselves.

Comedy and tragedy abounded in equal measure, with a dash of chaos thrown into the mix!

Congratulations and thanks go to all those who took part, they created a wonderful and informal evening of entertainment.

The Baker Reading Prizes were awarded to Sam Pitcher, Billy Hoggmascall and Pip Munden. All three winners this year had written their own funny or moving poems.  Trophies will be presented on Prize Day.

For more pictures, please visit: www.flickr.com/photos/rossallschool/albums/72157680952734852