No less than eight of our Upper Sixth Formers have been called for an interview at Oxford or Cambridge.


When Mr Jeremy Quartermain became the Headmaster of Rossall back in September 2018, he made it very clear that it was his mission to ensure that the School inspires all of its boys and girls to embrace the highest possible aspirations both educationally and personally. We are delighted to report that, with the passing of just over one year, we could not be more proud of what our Upper Sixth Form are currently achieving in terms of university offers.

Mr Quartermain reported in his most recent letter to parents:

No less than eight of our Upper Sixth Formers have been called for an interview at Oxford or Cambridge. This means that they have superbly strong applications and have performed well during  the admission tests that they sat during the October Half Term. Furthermore, almost 75% of all university offers currently secured by our Sixth Formers are for Top 20/Russell Group universities. This is a quite extraordinary achievement; especially given that our Sixth Formers are also applying for competitive scholarships at American universities and many other leading institutions around the world.  The level of success that we are now achieving is indicative of a School community that is in excellent health.    

Our Sixth Formers are intellectually and culturally aspirant. They are achieving outstanding results which will serve to ensure that Rossall confirms its place as one of the top performing independent Schools in the North. Recent internal examination results indicate a sharp rise in A*/A grades at A Level and our IBDP average continues to increase. This transformation is not just about academic grades. Our Sixth Formers are independently minded and, increasingly, taking an active lead in terms of organising school societies, mentoring younger children and engaging in political activism. They are superb role models and it is hard to envisage a more exciting and dynamic community than the one which they have forged. Our Sixth Form is internationally-minded but embraces localism. It is academically aspirant but educationally inclusive. Finally, the emphasis is upon achieving the best outcomes for all students no matter what their starting point. 

I would like to pay tribute to our Head of Sixth Form, Stephen Prest, who provides such dynamic leadership for this distinctive and collegiately minded community within our School. Similarly, Bethan Jones deserves much credit for her assured leadership of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which continues to grow in popularity.  I am incredibly proud of all that our Sixth Form team has achieved and I know that our students are tremendously grateful for the outstanding guidance and support that they receive. The excellent level of success now enjoyed by our Sixth Formers is dependent upon the encouragement and support which our dedicated teaching staff provide. It is only right that we pay tribute to all of our teachers who routinely go above and beyond to ensure that our children receive a level of support that sets Rossall apart from the vast majority of Schools and Sixth Form Colleges. 

As we approach Christmas, there is much to celebrate at Rossall and the positive and progressive dynamic which underpins this community is now manifest in all that we do. On a personal level, I would like to thank all of our parents. As a parent body, you have embraced an ambitious vision for the future and this has ensured that words have translated into tangible results. Without your continued support, none of this would have been possible