Major L Magowan promotes Cadets.

Cadets: Harriet Clough, Stephan Bilby, Alice Hoggarth and Thierry Bilby

Written by, Officer Commanding CCF, Maj L Magowan

Good Afternoon, on Thursday 24th September 2020, I promoted cadets who have shown and demonstrated the core values and standards of the cadet forces. They have developed as leaders and have huge potential in continuing through the ranks to be the best they can be.
I would like to congratulate the following:

Promotions to Colour Sergeant (CSgt) Army Section
Thierry Bilby, Stephan Bilby and Alice Hoggarth

Promotions to Flight Sergeant (RAF)
Harriet Clough

The SNCOs promoted are expected to be the best of the unit and to be the senior cadets to mentor JNCOs and new cadets. They are to help and guide all below them, they must aspire to be role models and to ensure they develop all whom they come into contact with.
Those listed above have the potential to be Officers in the services and have demonstrated many qualities that are desired. Well Done!

Promotions to Lance Corporal in both Army and RAF sections
Ivan Levakhov, Sienna Gilbert -Sweeney, Grace Brindle, Thomas Shephard, Georgia Dugdale and Lola Riley Oakes

Those individuals now have responsibilities and duties which they must perform during cadet time and especially outside of attendance. It is expected of them to be the best dressed, to mentor the younger cadets, to guide and support those who struggle…that is the role of a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (JNCO).  
My team and I are very proud of those who have been promoted, we are also very pleased with how Year 9 cadets have engaged only in the last 3 weeks. 
I would urge those parents whose young person isn’t a member of the cadets to encourage them to return. We have been very successful this year with many cadets returning in Year 10. We had another two former cadets come back to us yesterday… The smiles and laughter is a good indication that the CCF is a great place to be!