Junior School Newsletter – Lent Term 2021 – Week 3

This week’s newsletter for Rossall Junior School and Nursery.


Year 6 are now really getting into the swing of remote learning.

The children have been working incredibly hard in all academic areas and the work they have been producing has been going from strength to strength.

In our topic work, the children have been learning about the Magna Carta and have even created their own authentic looking kids charter for the home. I must say some of the rules were a little more extreme than others, but it was quite clear the children enjoyed the creative aspect of this.

Our circuit training has continued, with the children now creating our HIIT sessions. After Wednesday’s P.E lesson, it looked like Mr Condon had been hit by a bus. Well done Sophie T!

Both Mr C and myself have been really impressed with the positive approach the children have demonstrated and we would simply ask for more of the same. Well done and we look forward to more physical punishment next week!


Well, it has certainly been a wet week on the Fylde Coast! However, the atrocious weather has not dampened Year 5’s enthusiasm in the slightest! We have had a week full of learning and laughter. Our day begins with song and dance, then marvellous Mathematics. Division has been the order of the week and we are all working diligently to master it. Arthur, our unlikely hero has been introduced to us and we await to see what amazing adventures he will embark on. We have been astonished to discover that not only did the Vikings sail their Longships on the sea, they also crossed the land with them! If you would like to know how just ask someone in Year 5! We ended our action-packed week with a quiz all about chocolate!


I have been so impressed with Year 4 who have certainly kept me busy, sending through all of their wonderful work this week! They have especially impressed me with their writing inspired by our book ‘Escape From Pompeii’ as they have written diary extracts from the perspective of the main character Tranio.

We have also had fun this week investigating gas as part of our Science topic about states of matter. It would not have been possible to have learnt about this without mentioning the gas we humans produce. I’ll leave you with one of the facts I learnt from Year 4 – did you know that a trump can travel at roughly 7 miles per second?


This week has been filled with learning and fun for Year 3! In Maths, we have extended our skills in multiplying bigger numbers through partitioning and column method.

In English and our topic, we have continued to explore the Stone Age and the children produced Stone Age tool adverts and cave art. We have explored more rocks and fossils in Science, using non-fiction books to research. Even though we are all in different places, Year 3 is still learning together in our online community! 


What a super week Year 2 have had! We started off the week learning about fire safety and learned the important ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique.

In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about multiplication – it won’t be long until we are winning TT Rockstar battles against the Junior classes!

In Literacy, we have learned more about Red as she travels deeper into the woods and written some terrific songs in the style of ‘Into The Woods’.

Finally, in Topic, we have written our own newspaper report on the Great Fire of London and have included relevant features! Such a busy week of amazing learning! 


Well done again for another fantastic week of online learning.

This week we have read more of our class story ‘Goldilocks and just the one bear’. We have looked at things from Baby Bear’s perspective after he has got lost in the big city. We have described all the new sights and sounds he would have experienced. We used this to write a diary as if we were Baby Bear.

In Maths, we have started a new unit using addition and number bonds.

In Topic, we have been finding out about The United Kingdom, the countries that form the UK, the capital cities and the seas that surround us.

In Science, we have planted cress seeds to investigate what plants need to grow and what happens if the plants don’t get everything that they need. We will update you next week with some of our results.


Young children are naturally inquisitive, full of questions about the world around them and the drive to investigate how things work. Therefore, it follows that we should take advantage of this innate curiosity and start channelling their enthusiasm for scientific discovery as early on as possible.

Every week Reception has been involved in a Scientific investigation, from designing and building traps to catch the Gingerbread Man to investigating journeys through Marvellous Marbles and ramps. Most young children love physical exploration – the messier the better – so if we can tap into this, their favoured learning style, it is much easier to engage them and maintain their interest. 

When it comes to instigating early years science education at home there are also some key considerations to keep in mind:   

The process is more important than the results: although it’s really valuable for your child to gain some scientific understanding along the way, finding the ‘right’ answer should not be your topmost objective; the main goals are to channel their curiosity, and to foster their investigative skills.

Be open to child-led discovery: as well as organising specific activities for your child to participate in, it has been lovely to see some spontaneous opportunities for scientific discovery at home, guided by you but ultimately led by the children. The children have been growing crystals, puddle jumping, making animal homes, even creating an air cannon game and some explosions! What exciting opportunities for scientific discoveries might we encounter next week…


Our winter theme continues this week in Nursery. We introduced a new book called, ‘A thing called snow’ by Yuval Zommer which is about two animal friends who go out on an adventure to find something white, fluffy, cold and sparkly called snow. The illustrations are beautiful which led to the children painting some of the forest scenes with the bears from the book. At circle time, we spoke about what we would do if we found some snow. This led to some very interesting answers.

We froze Penguins in ice this week for the children to work out how they could help the Penguins escape. Many of them chose to use the rocks to break them free. This was a well-participated activity as I think the noise made everybody want a turn.

Phonics time has been all about instrumental sounds this week. The children have been singing ‘I am a music man’ and identifying the different sound the instruments make and following the beat.

In our ‘Move It’ Monday class, we did our HITT training session, and I know that some of the children are even making you do exercises at home!

In Tuesday’s Spanish lesson, we have been practising counting up to 5.

In our wellbeing Wednesday session we all went on a well deserved holiday. First, we took our dogs for a walk, boarded a plane, went surfing, swam to the rock pools, pretended to be crabs and finally visited the forest with the fairies on the way home.

The babies have been busy as usual. They have explored the very large puddles we have accumulated around school. Nothing beats jumping in puddles and I think it takes everybody back to their childhood. Having a wonderful space, has also provided the babies the opportunity go on a journey in the little tikes cars up and down south drive. To them, it must feel like the M6 it’s so long, but hopefully without the road rage!

Sensory play always plays a big part in the baby room as we make the mess you wouldn’t want at home. They have enjoyed painting using big strokes up and down to improve those muscles, kneading the playdough between their hands, squashing the jelly between their fingers and stirring the porridge around using a variety of wooden objects. 

The rain never stops the babies doing anything as they explored the rain they had collected in the garden in various containers.


Reception – This week’s certificates of achievement go to Fox and Junior..

Fox has worked very hard throughout all his activities set this week. He has even created an air cannon game and confidently demonstrated how it worked to all his friends on a live Zoom lesson.

Through all the videos that parents have sent, I can see that not only has Junior worked very hard this week but he has also thoroughly enjoyed his activities. I think there was laughter in every video this week! 

Year 1 – Well done to Isla and Roman for receiving this week’s awards for excellent effort with all of their learning this week.

Year 2 – Alfie for his great independence and determination in his learning this week, and Spencer for super effort in all his learning. 

Year 4 – Freddie and Lex were last week’s Year 4 certificate winners for demonstrating their curiosity for learning and inquiry skills in Science. 

This week’s winners are Joey and Jack for demonstrating that they are reflective learners willing to make changes and improve their work.

Year 5 –  Aran has worked incredibly hard since the start of the Lent Term and has produced excellent work. 

Jasmine has been an active member of the online lessons, always smiling and always trying her very best.

Year 6

6S: Hope for her outstanding quality of work in all areas, and Dexter for his outstanding interest and enthusiasm in Topic Work.

6R: Joel for his fabulous Topic Work and Sophie for a perfect PE session.