Junior School Newsletter – Michaelmas Week 3

This week’s newsletter for Rossall Junior School and Nursery.


This week, Year 6 have once again enjoyed the opportunity to take our learning outdoors, not only did the children develop their understanding of number, but also worked well together communicating ideas and thoughts to one another. They are now so confident that they can work with place value to infinity and beyond!


Another busy week for the children in Year 5! We are now settled into our routines and the children are thoroughly enjoying being back together. We have started reading our English book, ‘Queen of the Falls’ and the children have written some fabulous first-person accounts of what it would have been like to witness Annie plunge over the falls.

We have also started looking at the amazing journey of Christopher Columbus and his impact on the Americas. Our mini Monet masterpieces are taking shape and will soon be proudly displayed in our classroom. I shall take a photograph as soon as they are finished!


Our budding scientists in Year 4 had the opportunity to visit the Senior School Biology Lab this week to look at their collection of animal skulls! We paid special attention to the teeth in each skull as we found out how the diet of an animal can affect the type of teeth it has! We did our own experiment to test this out, too and found that it isn’t that easy to eat a piece of apple if you can only use your incisors!


This week, Year 3 dove deeper into their Water Water Everywhere topic with a beach trip to see and sketch the coastal features we could identify.

We also continued our working on our aim to be our own personal trainers by learning about healthy eating and balanced diets.


This week, both Year 1 and Year 2 have been introduced to their Language books. Year 2 made some great predictions about what is going to happen in their book whilst Year 1 had some mysterious items left in their classroom, to give them clues about the topic of the book they are going to study!

In Year 2, we have enjoyed the wonderful weather this week! We went on a scavenger hunt and created our own minibeast hotels in Forest School!  

Year 1 have been focusing on senses; they went on a listening walk and enjoyed investigating what they could see, smell, hear and touch at Beach School!


Having good motor control helps children explore the world around them, which can help with many other areas of development. We are so lucky that we have a wonderful campus that allows us the space to safely to practise these skills.

The children in Reception Class have thoroughly enjoyed practising their gross motor skills by throwing frisbees across the school playing fields and running after them.


How lovely to have the sunshine back this week and we all feel so much better when the sun is shining. We have welcomed so many new parents and children this last couple of weeks it’s been amazing. Handing over a child to someone else who will care for them for the first time can be one of the most difficult experiences a parent ever has to face. At Rossall Nursery, children feel safe and secure and they can explore their environment, learn and live to their full potential. 

This week, the children have been exploring. The babies have loved emptying and filling the different sizes boxes and enjoying the water trays outside. The older children have been practicing their fine motor skills with a range of activities including lego, chalking in the garden and the Pom Pom challenge.


The Junior and Infant children have been active in a range of after school clubs this week. Year 5 and 6 made the most of the fine weather and the new Junior School pitches with an afternoon of rugby and football.

For more pictures from this week, please click here.