Is competition healthy?

The Square Race is one of the highlights in the Summer Term calendar for the Nursery, Infants and Juniors.

Just like Rossall Hockey, it is unique to Rossall; no other Junior School has such an amazing backdrop to host an event not dissimilar to the race in Chariots of Fire. Thankfully the weather was amazing and conditions for running ideal. This year a number of records have tumbled, the most noticeable was the year 3 boys, which had been unbroken for 12 years. Both pupils and parents are thrilled to see the children compete with such enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

Competition may be one of the most controversial topics in education. Should children compete against each other? Creating winners and losers both promotes self-confidence and knocks self-confidence. However one cannot go through adult life without experiencing competition, whether it is for a job interview, playing family games at Christmas or fighting for a parking space. Emotional skills are key and through competition, children gain a better understanding of how to deal with conflicting opinions and gauge how best to respond to difficult situations. Children constantly compare themselves with their friends, which is built in human nature, and it is a natural way of evaluating how they are doing in things that matter to them and of respecting each other’s achievements. Through the Learner Profile, the PYP is an ideal vehicle for children to develop emotionally whilst being well supported by the teaching staff.