International Baccalaureate success for Rossall students!

Pupils who choose the International Baccalaureate (IB) course are required to study a broader range of subjects than A Levels, including literature and languages as well as arts, science and maths.

The qualification, which is widely recognised by the world’s top international universities, also requires students to write a 4,000 word essay on a topic of their choice as well as completing a series of community service assignments. Students must achieve a minimum of 25 points of 45 in order to pass the diploma.

Rossall student Holly Lawton from Thornton-Cleveleys was awarded 37 points for her diploma, the equivalent of 4 grade ‘A’s and 1 grade ‘B’ at A Level. 18 year old Holly, who studied English Literature, German, French, Philosophy, Chemistry and Mathematics for her IB hopes to go on to study French, Spanish and German at Lancaster University.

Fellow students Maria Steen from Norway and Thao Ha from Vietnam achieved 38 and 40 points respectively and plan to continue their studies at UK universities, whilst German student Laurens Lueg obtained a score of 41 points, making him one of only two per cent of IB students worldwide to achieve this score.

Doris Dohmen, IB Coordinator at Rossall said: “We’re extremely proud of the achievements of our IB students. It’s an exceptionally challenging programme of study, but one that’s becoming more and more popular with our students as an alternative to A Levels. Their results are testament to their hard work over the last two years and we wish them all every success for the future.”