Inspectors praise pupils’ ‘Excellent’ personal development at Rossall School

The quality of pupils’ personal development is ‘Excellent’ at Rossall School, according to the Independent Schools Inspectorate.  

The inspectors looked in detail at Rossall School’s three sections; Infants, Juniors and Seniors.
“Pupils of all ages are self-confident, self-reflective and self-disciplined,” the inspectors said. Pupils were praised as “inquisitive, curious and resourceful and adopt a try and try again attitude.” The report also observes that senior school students “valued the many opportunities provided by the school to develop their character and self-esteem.”

Following a thorough visit, the inspectors judged that the school has adopted a rigorous approach to supporting academic progress and attainment. Assessing the quality of pupils’ academic achievements, the report says that pupils of all ages have excellent communication skills, whilst the curriculum enables pupils to achieve because they are free
to take responsibility for their own learning and they relish the opportunity to do so. It also highlighted the excellent behaviour of pupils and their strong sense of right and wrong. 
The international ethos of the school is celebrated by pupils and the inspecting team found that boarding was a real strength of Rossall. “It contributes to the experience of all pupils by creating a genuine welcoming and family ethos. Pupils view this social and cultural diversity
as a real advantage.”
They added: “Pupils relate very well to each other because of the supportive environment of the house structure and boarding system. They also have an appreciation of the non- material aspects of life.
“There is a real sense of belonging and camaraderie between the members of each individual house regardless of age. Pupils value the freedom, support and nurturing that the house and boarding system provide for them, even as day pupils.”
Junior and Senior pupils are encouraged to take part in a broad range of enrichment activities and they “embrace the school’s aim to promote sporting excellence and engender artistic creativity: a testament to the vision of the school’s leaders.”
The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body approved by the Secretary of State to inspect schools which are in membership of the associations which form the Independent Schools Council (ISC).
Rossall School Headmaster Jeremy Quartermain said: “We would like to thank the inspectors for their efforts, and we welcome this report which serves to highlight the hard work and dedication shown by both students and staff alike. As our parents know, we are

critically reflective and yet boundlessly ambitious for this wonderful school and I am delighted that this inspection report serves to endorse our very clear direction of travel.
“Similarly, it highlights superbly well why we are the number one school of choice for an ever-increasing number of families. Above all else, we develop young people who are caring, compassionate and entirely committed to making a positive contribution to society.”
Founded in 1844, Rossall School is an independent day and boarding school for boys and girls aged between 2 and 19. The school seeks to inspire life-long learning within a nurturing, creative and intellectually dynamic community.

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