Holocaust Memorial Day

In this lecture, delivered as part of the commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 and to Year 10 pupils as part of their Human Universe course, Mr Clarke – Head of History – explores why it is vital that we remember the Holocaust and the subsequent genocides that have taken place across the world since 1945.  

Reflecting on some of the reasons for historical anti-Semitism, the lecture concludes with an examination of how it came to be that a seemingly civilised nation, in the thrall of the fascist dictatorship of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, set about stripping German Jews of their rights and citizenship before turning to mechanised factories of death in an attempt to wipe out European Jewry.

This is a recording of a webcast interview with Holocaust survivor Eve Kugler.  All pupils in Year 10 participated in this event and were able to submit their questions for Eve via the Holocaust Educational Trust microsite.