Fleetwood Music and Arts Festival

On Saturday, we hosted the annual Fleetwood Music and Arts Festival which saw 41 of our own students taking part in the speech and drama classes. We came away with lots of trophies and certificates but most importantly, the children had a fantastic time and gained valuable experience.

Rossall students were awarded the following trophies:

Savoy Trophy (set verse speaking aged 8 and 9)
Hope Robinson
2nd place – Naomi Austin-king
3rd place – Blossom Murdoch

Susan Sieracki cup (novice acting aged 11) and own composition verse plate
Charlie Walker Reid
2nd place – Liam Austin king
3rd place – Josh Hutchison and Grace Gotto

Kathandra Cup (acting duologue aged 11)
Aarya Dalvi and James Wood
2nd place – Millie Williams-Bentham and Shannon Shanthakumar
3rd place – Michael Taylor and Alfie hedger

Most promising junior speech
James wood

Olive and Gordon Earle trophy (own choice verse speaking aged 12 – 15)
Vismaya Pillai

Eatough trophy (acting duologue aged 12-15)
Natasha Mistry and Amelia Scott

Elizabeth Richardson trophy (memorised prose reading)
Alyssa Evans
2nd place – Shannon Shanthakumar
3rd place – Michael Taylor

Annie St John cup (novice verse speaking aged 10 and 11)
Luci Mai Richardson
3rd place – Alfie Hedger

Aitken Shakespeare trophy (aged 12-15) & Soroptomists of Fleetwood Trophy (senior acting)
Georgina Bamber

The Prose Shield, Harold Baker Cup
Eleanor Crone

Solo Acting aged 10
2nd place – Shane Shanthakumar

Novice Acting aged 11
2nd place – Zac Dawe
3rd place – Ben Dernie Houston

Set verse speaking aged 11
2nd place – Yesenia Ajiteru
3rd place – Eleanor Christy

Solo acting aged 12
2nd place – Natasha Mistry
3rd place – Amelia Scott