Exploring the UK with Rossall Weekends

Our boarders have the opportunity to embark on a journey through culture and time on our Rossall Weekends programme! From the vibrant streets of Liverpool to the majestic landscapes of Edinburgh, our programme promises an adventure like no other.

Rossallians are in for an exciting adventure as they explore the dynamic cities of Liverpool and Dublin. Delving into Liverpool’s fascinating history, from iconic Beatles landmarks to the vibrant atmosphere of Anfield followed by Museums, art galleries, and scenic waterfronts, students will gain a glimpse into Liverpool’s past and prosperous present. The rich heritage and vibrant culture of Ireland’s capital will thrill our boarders with historic landmarks and literary legacies in abundance. Students can explore Dublin Castle, roam the streets of Trinity College, and soak up the lively ambiance of Grafton Street. 

Did you know, the name ‘Dublin’ comes from an Old Irish Gaelic phrase ‘Dubh linn’ that translates to “Black Pool”.

Whilst exploring Scotland’s capital, boarders will enjoy the picturesque views of the historic Edinburgh Castle, strolling along the Royal Mile, and uncovering treasures at the National Museum. Edinburgh is a city steeped in culture and charm, an exciting destination for Rossallians to explore. 

Did you know? Edinburgh Castle sits on a 700 million year old extinct volcano, known as Castle Rock!

And the journey through time will continue, as we wander through Chester’s ancient walls and marvel at its Roman Amphitheatre. We can’t wait to experience the grandeur of Chester Cathedral’s intricate carvings and enjoy shopping at the historic Rows galleries. We’ll also have the opportunity to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon, followed by immersing themselves in medieval history at Warwick Castle!

Exploring cultural hotspots and diverse cities provides students with valuable insights and experiences that enhance their learning across various disciplines. For art students, immersing themselves in vibrant art scenes can inspire new creative directions and expose them to different artistic techniques and styles. In English classes, visiting literary landmarks and attending cultural events can deepen students’ appreciation for literature and language, providing real-world contexts for their studies. Similarly, for history and politics students, firsthand experiences in historically significant locations offer unique perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding of global events and political systems. All of the experiences in the Rossall Weekends programme are designed to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their academic journey.