Duke of Edinburgh Awards update

Congratulations to the following students who have completed their onsite Bronze expedition and the full Bronze award. Certificates and badges will be presented on Prize Day.

Daniel C, Georgina B, Emerson P, Lola R, Chelsea B, Josie K and Eleanor H

Kay B, Harriet B, Jack D, Hallas E, Hallie G, Grace G, Scarlett K, Rosie L, Regan M, Ruby R, Jett R, Mia S, Jemma T, Natasha M, Jessica S, Tabitha D, Joel B, Daniel J, Phelix K, Daniel L, Elijah W, Santiago F and Chloe S

On a personal note, it’s been a pleasure to work with the students to get them through their sections and the expedition. I’ve gotten to know the sometimes complex and difficult world of teenagers, which is a very different beast from the equally challenging experience of working with young soldiers.

The participants should be very proud to complete the award in light of the difficulties presented to them over the last year.

By the end of the academic year, there will be 67 Bronze awards presented, and this current Year 10 cohort enrolment onto the Silver Award will be in the region of 16.

In September, Year 10 students who have completed the Bronze Award can be enrolled onto the Silver, this is an exciting opportunity as the School has never run a Silver Award previously. In my view, introducing it now will only strengthen the students teamwork, physical and mental robustness, communication skills and commitment to any given task.

The introduction of the Silver Award will allow a reduction in the time commitment at each stage. If the students follow the timelines and complete the sections in a timely manner, they will have the Gold Award completed prior to leaving school at 16 years of age or prior to their A-Levels.

The plan moving forward is:
– Y9 Bronze Award – Combined with CCF to reduce effort and pressure.
– Y10 Silver Award – Combined with CCF to reduce effort and pressure. 12 Months as a direct entrant or 6 months if completed Bronze.
– Y11 Gold Award – Combined with CCF, 18 Months as a direct entrant or 12 months if completed Silver.

The CCF can also provide 5 day residentials in the school AY, Gold participants must be a member of the CCF to qualify.

The offer to combine the amazing activities of the CCF and the DofE will prove to be a success on paper and in the young person.

Their may be another exped put on this year, however there are only 3 students who are in the position to attend, there must be a minimum of 12 to make it work. Please remind your young people to get their sections finished if they want to get on an expedition and complete the Bronze Award this year. If not, there will be a sweep up exped for 20/21 in September if there is enough participants in the position to attend.

Well done to all participants this year who have worked hard to get through their awards and a huge thank you to Mrs Santamera and the kitchen staff for your support throughout.

I would also like to mention that during the last two weeks, the DofE students on the expeditions collected over 24 black bin lingers of rubbish from the front and back of the School grounds. Well done, everyone.

Major Lee Magowan

Officer Commanding CCF – “Nec Aspera Terrent” – “Faugh a Ballagh”
Manager – Duke of Edinburgh Awards
Director of Adventure Leadership