Charlotte Hudders


Charlotte Hudders was a pupil at Rossall from 1999 to 2005. After studying Theatre and Performance Design, Charlotte has designed her own range of silk scarves and now works as a Costume and Set Designer in Dubai.

When were you at Rossall?
I started at Rossall in 1999, when I was in Year 8, and stayed until I’d completed my A Levels in 2005.

What are your favourite memories of your time at the school?
The friends I had at Rossall are still my best friends today. We’ve shared some amazing memories together: the fun we had in our studies in Dolphin House during break times, working on House Singing competitions in the day room, playing Ross Hockey in the freezing cold and trying to get to lessons and to Chapel in horizontal winds!

I was the Artist in Residence in Senior Club, and we spent the summer redecorating it before returning in Upper Sixth. We had a Tarts and Vicars Night and all the girls dressed up as Vicars!

I also remember Room 32, as I’m sure lots of ORs do. That’s where we went if a teacher was absent, but I think it’s gone now.

CCF was also great fun, although I seem to remember we used to complain about it on a Wednesday afternoon! We all used to us share around the Vaseline to polish our boots before heading out for inspection. I remember being really surprised on a day trip when I shot for the first time at the firing range 49/50 on the target!

The Dining Hall was like Hogwarts and the Christmas dinners there were always so much fun. Compliments to the school cooks as well, because the food was always great.

My favourite place in the school was the Art and Design Block. I spent a lot of my spare time there after school working on projects, working with Mrs Holder-Williams and Mr Hodgetts who were a fantastic support and taught me so much – I really can’t thank them enough for their help.

What was it like to be at the school then?
I loved the social life and the community ethos that Rossall has. It was a very caring and sharing environment and offered great all round life skills for the future.

What’s your career now?
I work in Dubai as a Costume and Set Designer for events and photo shoots. My work includes Costume and Props, Set Design and Styling and Illustration. I’ve created costumes and props for Bloomingdales and the Burj Al Arab.

What study and training did you do after your time at Rossall to qualify as a designer?
I went on to study Theatre and Performance Design at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).

What difference did coming to Rossall make to your education and your career?
I think Rossall helped me to develop my personality, my passion for art and design and an informed grounding in all aspects of my education.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love that I get to work on a variety of projects. Every job is different to the next! I’m currently working on the Costumes and Props for the opening of The Rugby Sevens. There are over 200 performers. It has been challenging! Last week, I was hand sewing Mermaid Costumes for dancers at Blue Marlin, a Beach Club out here. I love the early sketching stages and making a design idea come to life. It’s very rewarding when it all comes together!

How do you feel your education at Rossall prepared you for the role?
Rossall focuses on an all round education, encouraging you to develop your own skills and to achieve your goals.

What would you say to any student considering studying at Rossall?
Go for it! Some of my happiest memories are of Rossall. Enjoy and appreciate the time because it goes very quickly!

How would you sum up your time at Rossall in one word?