Amazing Alumni – Simon Palmour

Simon Palmour (F 71-75) has worked as a photographer for 35 years, having work published and exhibited at venues that have included the Royal Geographical Society and Lumen Gallery in London.

He started his photography career in London in the 1980s, working with bands and models. Simon also had travel photography published and shown, as well as working in portraits with many clients. Since moving to York 18 years ago he has developed his abstract textural work in stark black and white. Recent work has covered the landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds, and includes a move into abstract colour representations of the world around him. Simon runs workshops and courses as well as carrying out a small number of portrait commissions.

The aim with many of Simon’s images is to invite contemplation, to reward repeated consideration, and to cause a little confusion. Abstract images are extracted from landscapes and then reproduced on various media, including aluminium, to remove the glass barrier between viewer and image.

An exhibition of Simon’s work, entitled ‘Ambiguity’, is currently on show at Lumen, Tavistock Place, London until the 22nd March.